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Hjerim reimagined as a cozy winter lodge for the true sons and daughters of Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
I am no longer maintaining Oldrim mods. Permissions are 100% open, do whatever you want.

Get the Polish translation here, kindly done by mnikjom with permission.
Get the Russian translaton here, kindly done by Korifey with permission.


Are you a fierce, no-frills, nord warrior? Do you need a home that represents your simple, functional style but also feels like being draped in fur in a bath full of hot chocolate? Do you want to make Skyrim great again? Look no further true son/daughter of Skyrim.


Hjerim has always felt a little...underwhelming to me. It's such an enormous home, but has so little to offer and really doesn't give much apparent respite from the cold! I wanted to preserve the sense of openness but with a lot less emptiness. I created this home with warmth, practicality, and nord tastes (taxidermy EVERYWHERE omg) in mind. Leave your boots at the door, grab some hot chocolate or homebrewed Hjerim Hailstorm mead, and settle in by the fire.


  • Small stoves/furnaces/ovens/whatever throughout the home to keep warm.
  • SO MUCH FUR AND TAXIDERMY. You are personally responsible for the collapse of Skyrim's food chain. You should feel bad.
  • Hot chocolate and homebrewed Hjerim Hailstorm mead in respawnable containers, so you can restock.
  • Same spouse/child functionality as vanilla, no extra mod needed.
  • Lots of displays for things like dragon priest masks, dragon claws, bug jars, black books, etc.
  • So many bookshelves
  • All crafting stations except staves. Most are custom and are subtly placed, but not hard to find. Alchemy and enchanting have very small areas because you smash, you no plebeian spellcaster/alchemist. You true nord.
  • A bathroom. No more pooping behind Ulfric's throne. Unless you want to. You do you.
  • Killer room is now a secret treasure room.
  • Plenty of mannequins.
  • Fully upgradeable/cleanable, same as vanilla. Can install anytime, doesn't mess with the quest.
  • Custom music!


  • Windhelm City Mods - Very likely compatible. I only added a snowman and smelter outside.
  • Enhanced Lights and FX - You need the "ELFX - NoHjerim.esp" patch or else you will have all sorts of floating lights and flickering. This is part of the ELFX installer, just redownload/reinstall if you don't have this already.

Installation and Requirements:

Load order shouldn't really matter, let Loot handle it. Putting the ELFX patch higher than this mod seems to work best for me. If you have issues, try putting this mod close to the bottom. 

Please see the permissions and credits section at the top for info on these!

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