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With this mod, Ebony Warrior Quest has two endings. Mod is suitable for the Good Alignment Character.

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  • Turkish

This mod is about Role-playing.
In the original game, you have a melancholic Ebony Warrior, who tracks you down and tells you that "I have done all that can be done. There is nothing left. No quests to be undertaken. No villains to be slain. No challenges to face.", and that he wants to be sent to Sovngarde with honor, which is, to die by your hand.

This mod adds the option to persuade the Ebony Warrior that there are deeds to be done and that he doesn't need to perish just yet. Persuade him to become your companion, through the original quest, in the Lore-friendly way, if you are the Expert in Speechcraft and if you play as a Good Alignment Character. You are his Last Challenge, therefore, you have the power to have him as your companion.

This mod is suitable for the Good Alignment Character. He will not tolerate those who have committed crimes against innocent (a Dark Brotherhood member, those, who have committed murders), or a Thieves Guild member, being the great and honorable warrior, knowing about happenings in Skyrim.
He can be a companion for the Vampires, who don’t kill innocent.

This mod works as an additional choice, the original quest will be working, you still can defeat him like in original game. Option to persuade will appear only if you have achieved the Expert level of Speechcraft.

Now, he will come to you not on 80 level but on the 50 level.

This mod improves the Last Vigil. You can find an Ebony Warrior's camp in there. Realistic and convenient if you use Campfire or Frostfall.
Fixed glitch with the skill book on the Last Vigil. Be aware that there will be an original game landscape restriction for Ebony Warrior, when you will try to leave the Last Vigil with him. Bash the Warrior with the shield or stagger him in other way for him to go through this restriction.
Skill book The Art of War Magic is in his personal storage chest (thus, fixes the bug of Last Vigil location: “The skill book The Art of War Magic may be inaccessible due to a texture glitch.”).



Light mod, should be compatible with everything.

Dragonborn DLC.

This mod is Nexus exclusive. DO NOT download FILES from this mod on other sites. Giving the link on this mod is allowed.
Translations are allowed if linked to the original mod and contain only translated .esp file.
If you live in China/Japan/etc. and want to translate and upload the mod onto the Chinese/Japanese/etc. servers, you are permitted to do so, only if you contact me in Personal Messenger, giving the link onto the site and onto the mod page [, so I can put the link in the description], making the mod page with proper credits, links, and proper description from the original mod page.

My mods are mostly suitable for Good (and Neutral) Alignment (Lawful good, Neutral good, Chaotic good, Lawful neutral, True neutral, even for Chaotic neutral and Lawful evil) Characters (based on D&D). Honorable Hero, you are welcome here.

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