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Adds the bones of Snow Whales throughout Skyrim.

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  • French
Special Edition version:

Requires Skyrim only. I cannot say if this will stay the same in the future.

French translation here, thanks to SETVI:

Version 1.2:
Added snow details to bones and surrounding objects. Added no crashed airship version.

Version 1.1:
Better, new collision meshes by Jboyd4! Now you could actually walk within the rib cage, and less wonky collisions!

What the heck are Snow Whales?
The Snow Whales are a species of whales that flew above Skyrim's clouds, jumping mountaintop to mountaintop, and were often hunted by the Nords for meat, blubber and rosewater.

They are from this story by Michael Kirkbride, one of the old ES lore writers:

And please understand, I do not care if this isn't "lore friendly", "canon" to you. If you don't want them, don't download this. Simple.

What does this do?
This mod adds seven spots that you could find snow whale bones. Five of these spots have more stuff around them. Two of them are just bones. None of the locations have map markers, but if you know how to see your coordinates, you can see them in the spoiler below.

With version 1.1+, the bones now have unique collision boxes, and are split into more parts. Thanks go out to Jboyd!

There are seven locations.
They do not have map markers, but if you have a way to see coordinates you could find them at:

Otherwise, look around yourself! You are sure to come across at least one! Let me know if you want more info!

Anybody have suggestions on what to add, fix, or improve? Let me know! I'll be glad to hear you out!

Beasts of Tamriel, It adds living snow whales! Though, you can't kill them(right now at least), they are still quite the sight!
Plus, I help them when I can...

None so far, if you know of, or find any, let me know! I'll try to get to it when I can.

I tested and built this mod with Landscape Overhaul active, no problems there.

Future plans:
More locations? No ideas so far.
More Detail? No ideas so far.
Whalebone weapon? Don't know where to put it.

Jboyd4- For the new, better collision meshes and segmented skeleton!
Bethesda- For Skyrim. And all the stuff I used.
Michael Kirkbride- For the idea of Snow Whales.
Me- I placed the stuff.