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Adds safe storage to Jorrvaskr for use immediately upon joining the Companions, as well as improvements to the Harbinger's bedroom.

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The Companions! If you're like me, you met them in your first play through, on the road to Whiterun. Whether you helped kill the giant or not, they invite you to join. After a brief talk with Kodlak and a few swings with Vilkas, you're in! You can pick a bed and fall in, on your first night after escaping Helgen! Unfortunately, there is no safe storage, and even after you become the new Harbinger, still no safe storage! For the new adventurer, it might be a while before you kill a dragon and save up for Breezehome, if you even want it. Jorrvaskr should be able to be your home!

In the room where Farkas tells you to pick any bed, there is now a shelf with a chest ("My Chest"), with safe storage from the beginning. Also, a full set of Wolf Armor is included... and why not? When you join the College of Winterhold, the Thieves Guild, or the Dark Brotherhood, you are given a set of armor or enchanted robes. Even the Blades give you a set of armor and a sweet sword! Why shouldn't you be given a set in the Companions, too?

As for Kodlak's room... he's been searching for a cure for how many years, but where is the evidence? He has lots of alchemical ingredients, but no alchemy lab? And he comes to the conclusion that only the witches' magic can cure him, but no books on the subject, or even an enchanting table? He would have left no stone unturned... he must have considered the enchanted rings of Hircine. And since he was searching in secret, he couldn't simply head to Dragonsreach or Arcadia's, he would need to do this research in his room. Hence, this mod adds to Kodlak's bedroom a tabletop enchanter and a tabletop alchemy lab, and places books on werewolves, daedra and Sovengarde in a new chest by his bed. (But no smithing equipment... Eorlund says none of the Companions can work a forge properly.) Also, where is Kodlak's Skyforge Steel weapon? A Skyforge Steel Battleaxe (just like Ysgramor himself used) is now in his chest by the bed. As he is a deeply religious man, there are also shrines to Talos, Arkay and even Hircine (from when he was young and excited to become a werewolf) in Kodlak's room, as well as statues of Talos and Ysgramor. (How could there not be a statue to Ysgramor in Jorrvaskr?!!)

This is a lightweight mod that only modifies Jorrvaskr living quarters, and sets it to a No Reset Zone. It consists of one .esp file that is less than 5 kb in size, and should be ready for the Skyrim Special Edition!


If you have already been to the Jorrvaskr living quarters, some items which this mod deletes (e.g. clothing) might still remain in your game, and will now be strewn about the room. WARNING: Taking any such items is stealing unless you are already the Harbinger! The (unsafe) container at the foot of the Harbinger's bed is gone, as would be anything in it. The unusual jem is moved slightly to the left in the mod, but may remain in its original location if you have visited the area before installing the mod; it is still accessible.


Remove all items from the chests and containers added by this mod.