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Ayleid inspired palace, located in the Rift, east of Fort Greenwall. Features all of the usual amenities, crafting, storage, displays. Follower and adoption friendly. This is an overhaul of my existing mod Ayleid Palace.

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Ayleid Palace Remastered

Ayleid inspired palace, located in the Rift, east of Fort Greenwall (see map in the image section). This is a complete overhaul of Ayleid Palace

Requires all DLC's
Hearthfire multiple adoptions required to move your family in (Cast the "Bless Home" spell)

Must be purchased for 50,000 gold - Click the sale sign.

What's New
All Ayleid textures replaced with jgreybear's version
All wood textures from Rip88
Added outside dining
Improved stairs leading to palace
Rearanged kitchen area added cold room
Added dome at entrance
Added new Crafting Hall cell
Moved smithy from outside to Crafting hall
Moved alchemy & Enchanting to Crafting Hall
Expanded Library
Added sauna to pool area
Most of the clutter has been redone
Used glowmaps on some meshes
Modified indoor and outdoor pools
Replaced all beds with custom beds
Added more displays for unique items
All NPC's have KS Hair

Main Hall - Dining, kitchen, Garden area, Reading Room
Display Hall - Library, Display Hall
Bedrooms - Master, Kids (6 beds), Guest Rooms (18 beds)
Outdoor - Dining Area, Pools, Gardens, Stables
Crafting Hall - Smithy, Crafting, Staff Rooms (8 beds)
Auto undressing for NPC's at pools
NPC's & Auto undressing can be disabled by buttons in master bedroom
Teleport Spell

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