About this mod

This mod contains several wreaths for vanilla/default races and for all replacers.

Permissions and credits
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The paintings of the Pre-Raphaelites inspired me to create this mod. I especially like the image of Ophelia. 
I planned to make 5-6 flower decorations for hair, but in the end it turned out into a larger set :D 


This mod contains several wreaths for vanilla/default races (for females and males) and for all replacers. In all, there are 22 decorations for different hair types. 
All things are enchanted. 

All the wreaths consist of several low-poly models that are put together. 
The models and textures do not affect FPS in theory. 

All things can be forged in the smithy (elf section). 

Slot - 42 

Place mod files into your Data folder. 
Activate Ophelia.esp in Skyrim launcher. 
Remove all the files of this mod. 

Recomended mods: 
KS Hairdos 
SG Hair Pack 

Credits and thanks: 
Bethesda for making Skyrim. 
Special thanks to Jim des Rivieres, a photographer, who made the pictures of exotic butterflies I used to create the textures.