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Puts a large carved stone on the edge of town. Fully compatible with other Shor's Stone mods (ClefJ and Arthmoor).

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Why do they call this settlement "Shor's Stone?" This mod provides an answer to the question.

This is fully compatible with Shor's Stone mods by ClefJ and Arthmoor. It puts a large old stone at the edge of town and that is all it does.

No one remembers who quarried the stone, or when, or why. The oldest carvings on it might predate Nord history. But over the centuries, people have left their marks.

The Southern face seems to be carved with a creation montage, framed by the etchings of fishermen and hunters.

The Western or Roadside face is mostly unblemished, because the people of Shor's Stone like it that way. Markings here caution visitors to the Rift to beware of thieves and obey the law.

The Eastern or "Yellow" face is a lewd destination for travelers who come to piss in the same crack as Ragnar the Red allegedly did long ago. It is stained from the frequent pilgrims and heavily graven with typical latrine graffiti. Recent unrest in Skyrim is also expressed nearby.

The Northern face has very old carvings, presumably made by lovers and women who put prayers for fertility onto the stone.

The Topside face commemorates an ancient battle and there is also a compass pointing to adventure or drink.

Followers can ascend this stone more easily than you, but you can do it by zigzagging. Deer might mysteriously climb up Shor's Stone and leap off to their deaths. Can you get up there and fight a dragon? -- oh you bet you can.

This is a single object with a 4k texture. The carvings are mostly based on actual Scandinavian and Germanic petroglyphs. In a less obvious place you may find Futhark runes, but translated into Icelandic they do not really break lore. There's potty humor but it is safe for work and for kids old enough to play Skyrim. On a clear day, inexplicably, the texture might look muddy and washed out around sunrise or sunset. I moved or deleted fewer than 10 trees/shrubs where the rock is.

If you like the concept, I have edited other locations the same way in my mod Plunket's Miscellany.

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