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A pseudo-lore friendly way to in-game scrolls crafting.

Permissions and credits
Personally I enjoy the use of scrolls in game but since vanilla doesn't come with an in-built crafting system, a spellsword playthrough seems nigh impossible. Been scrounging round nexus for any scrolls related mods and while most are beyond obsolete, they are still usable. However, the biggest gripe I have is that scrolls crafting in other mods are usually locked behind progression within the magic trees, which seem rather counter-intuitive to me. If one is going to play a mage in the first place, there's little to no reason (other than saving magicka, but hey, you're a mage, there's ways to bypass that) to craft scrolls. Hence, this project is born.

- Recipes for all magic scrolls available in Skyrim
- Tweaking of scrolls' weight (0.5 > 0.1) because logic
- Recipe-unlocking tied to Enchanting level instead of Magic level to allow players that aren't mage to have access to usage of spells
- Scroll crafting is tied to BlackSmithing Smelter to allow for more ubiquitous crafting locales (tried making it linked to Forge but that just makes scroll crafting increase Smithing exp, which seems weird)
- Scrolls recipe are [pseudo] lore-friendly

Breakdown of Progression to Unlocking Scroll Recipes
Enchanting Level - Magic Skill Level
0 - Novice
> 30 - Apprentice
> 55 - Adept
> 80 - Expert
100 - Master

Breakdown of Scroll Recipe Framework
The recipes adopt the framework introduced in SpiderCrafting and Atronach Forge i.e. Recipe Formula = PaperRoll + SpellTome + Gems

To add a little flavor to the whole magic aspect of Scroll Crafting, player is requested to have [Amulet of Julianos] to access System of
Scroll Crafting, for is He not the Divine of Wisdom and Logic?

Further Breakdown of Recipe Formula
1. PaperRoll because logic
PaperRoll could be crafted using RuinedBook at TanningRack
2. SpellTome
Crafting of Spell Scrolls higher level than [novice] uses the novice SpellTome of that particular school as basis
eg. Scroll of Fireball uses [SpellTome of Flames] in its recipe
3. Alignment of Gems
Amethyst - Air/Lightning
Ruby - Fire
Sapphire - Frost
Emerald - Poison/Life
Diamond - Perfection/Dexterity
Garnet - Mystic/Conjuration
4. Gem usage in Recipes varies according to spell skill level
Novice - 1 Normal Gem
Apprentice - 2 Normal Gems
Adept - 1 Normal Gem + 1 Flawless Gem
Expert - 2 Flawless Gems
Master - 3 Flawless Gems (1 of which will be Flawless Diamond)
5. Number of Scrolls crafted varies too according to spell skill level (because Balance)
Novice + Apprentice - 5 Scrolls
Adept + Expert - 3 Scrolls
Master - 1 Scroll
6. Recipe for Master Level scrolls requires additional pertinent Amulet of Divines in its recipe (this is to prevent spamming and makes Amulets of Divines less pointless)
e.g. Scroll of Dead Thrall has Amulet of Arkay as one of its ingredients

Life of a Scroll-User (Pro's + Con's)
Why Use Scrolls
- For the dexterity (Every scroll is now one-handed - Yes, this includes all master spell. So, one could move around while casting, let's say, blizzard)
- For the magicka-saving
- For the Scroll-only spells (This mostly includes custom scroll spells added by this mod like Spectral Arrow and Divine Light - more to come later)

Why Not Use Scrolls
- Long Term Money-sink (Cause those scrolls ingredients aren't cheap)
- Doesn't increase Magic Level through usage (Using scrolls won't make you a better mage, i.e. casting Blizzard won't increase Destruction exp)
- Scrolls don't enjoy magical perks

Update 1.5 aka Project Scrollification
Update to include recipes for DLC spells and some originally non-scroll spells
Addition of the following:
+ Scroll of Conjure Dremora Lord
+ Scroll of Icy Spear
+ Scroll of Incinerate
+ Scroll of Thunderbolt
+ Scroll of Heal Undead
+ Scroll of Stendarr's Aura
+ Scroll of Vampire's Bane
+ Scroll of Sun Fire
+ Scroll of Ash Rune
+ Scroll of Poison Rune
+ Scroll of Ash Shell
+ Scroll of Frenzy Rune
Notable Exception:
- Lightning Storm [The main selling point is the Disintegrate perk, since scrolls have no access to perks, it's really pointless]
- Bound Weapons [Scroll-users normally has an one-handed equipped anyway]
- Unique Spells [To ensure their uniqueness - Conjure Flaming Familiar/ Ash Spawn / Ash Guardian / Seeker]
- Whirlwind Cloak [The scripting is too complicated a level for me to understand, don't have time for it]
- Concentration Spells [Because... Logic - Walls of Flames/ Frost/ Storms, Necromantic Healing etc]

The author has literally zero experience in Modding so, while he tries his best, please allow breathing room for possible f-up's.
With the idea of [Simplicity] in mind, the project touches only Edits that touch on [Scrolls] + [Recipe for Scrolls]. In other words, it should be compatible with everything else so long as they don't conflict with these two aspects of Skyrim.