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Compatability patch for using Cheskos Wearable Lanterns mod with the SureAI Enderal mod.

Permissions and credits
This is a compatability patch for using Chesko's 'Wearable Lanterns' mod with the SureAI 'Enderal' mod.

Note: paper lanterns will not work because a needed Skyrim DLC is not present. The crafting recipes for them have been disabled.

Please DO NOT report problems using Chesko's mod and this compatiblity patch to Chesko.
The Wearable Lanterns author does not officially support use with Enderal.

Ways to obtain one of the lanterns
- You can craft a 'Travel Lantern' at the forge from a plain lantern.
- You can purchase a Travel Lantern from various merchants.
- You can purchase an empty jar from various merchants and catch a fire fly to turn it into a Torchbug Lantern.

 Read the documentation that comes with Chesko's mod and on his mod page for additional possibilities.

My Enderal - Simple Fixes mod is recommended for the broadest merchant availability.
See the ReadMe tab for a list of Enderal merchants that will stock lanterns, lantern supplies and the lantern care book.
Note: possible minor spoiler alert.

1) Install the Wearable Lanterns mod.
2) Install this mod.
3) If needed, adjust the plugin load order so that this mod's compatabilty patch overrides the Wearable Lanterns .esp file.
4) After loading your save, you should get a notification message from MCM (mod configuration manager) that a new menu has
been registered.  Going into MCM then exiting may speed up the process.  Once the config menu for Wearable Lanterns shows
up in MCM, you can then start to use the mod.

1) The 'Enderal' total conversion mod for Skyrim from SureAI
2) The 'Wearable Lanterns' mod by Chesko:  tested only with version 4.02

Change Log
v1.1 Third main release ...
v1.1 Fix for follower lantern positioning dialog.
v1.01 Second main release ...
v1.01 This fixes the SkyUI.esp missing error message and the reduced functionality warning message.
v1.01 Two SkyUI related scripts were updated, compiled and packed into a new .bsa archive file. Sources are included.
v1.0 First non-beta release ...
v1.0 Updated the list of interior worldspaces to match those of Enderal.
v0.3b Third beta release ...
v0.3b Additional Enderal merchants were chosen to replace the remaining Skyrim merchant references.
v0.2b Second beta release ...
v0.2b Updated the vendor quest. Kurro's General Store now carries lantern related items for sale, and the supply will restock.
v0.1b First beta release ...
v0.1b Added the two unique Enderal races to the wear data for the lanterns (without it they were invisible).
v0.1b Updated the Torch Events idle animation record to integrate Enderal's additional torches.
v0.1b Disabled crafting of paper lanterns since needed DLC is not available when running Enderal.

My knowledge of the Wearable Lanterns mod is not exhaustive.  I normally use the 'Lights Please' mod from Jaxonz.

Mod author Chesko for the Wearable Lanterns mod.
SureAI team for the Enderal total converison mod.

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