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Extended Stay is a small mod that allows the player to rent out a room at any inn for more than one night at a time. Ask about an extended stay and rent out a room for three days, one week, or one month upfront.

Permissions and credits

Extended Stay is a mod that allows the player to rent out an inn for longer than one day at a time. Rent three days, one week, or even one month a time, all upfront. I always avoid using Inns regularly because it feels like I'm only spending a quick second in there, and it's a hassle to buy it every time if I want to use it more than once. Now you can rent out that room for longer periods of time!

Extended Stay is made to be a simple and lightweight alternative to other inn overhauls for people who just want the ability to pay a room up in advance without any bells and whistles.

[SIZE=7]What does this mod do?[/SIZE]

Extended Stay adds a new dialogue option to innkeepers. Ask about an extended stay and they will provide you with three options: Renting a room for three days, one week, or one month at a time. You pay in advance and keep the room for longer, so you don't need to worry about always going back to the innkeeper when you were just in there yesterday. If you're very low on funds (lower than the cost to book an extended stay) the dialogue options won't appear. If you have 30 gold for instance, you could still purchase three days at the inn, but you wouldn't be given the option to rent up a full month.

[SIZE=7]Custom Pricing[/SIZE]

The prices of booking an extended stay can be easily changed using the console. Follow these examples. For instance, if you wanted three days to cost 100, a week to cost 500, and a month to cost 1000, you'd do this:

set RoomCost3Day to 100
set RoomCost7Day to 500
set RoomCost30Day to 1000

You can do the same thing with base room cost by using:

set RoomCost to [number]

But for the regular one-night stay present in vanilla, changing this variable will not cause the dialogue to change. It will always say 10 gold, but it will still take whatever value you have it set to when purchasing. I could address this, but it would require an edit to the generic dialogue quest and I don't want to do that in the interest of compatibility.

A little less snappy than an MCM menu, but for a mod this small and for so few variables, I decided this way was good enough.

Campfire users can use the Extended Stay Campfire add-on to be able to craft portable chests for safe storage at any inn! Portable chests can be crafted from both the Survival Skills: Create Item menu and any ordinary forge.

Alternatively check out Jaxonz Positioner. With all the various inn overhauls that people use, it's hard to place safe storage in a place that will be compatible with everything, so it's always nice to leave it up to the player. Tentapalooza is another great option if you'd like a more complete portable storage option for Campfire. Great mods, check them out!


Should be compatible with everything. It doesn't edit any vanilla NPCs or quests, and everything added is purely added on. It *does* edit the vanilla RentRoomScript, but but only with new functions and does not touch existing ones. It's unlikely any other mod has messed with this. It's perfectly safe to use because vanilla scripts are packed into the Skyrim .bsa archive files, and if at any point you want to revert to the original script you simply uninstall this mod. It does NOT overwrite the vanilla script, Skyrim will just read this one instead of the one in the archive.

The vanilla room rental script is connected to every innkeeper, so if I had made another script, it would have required edits to every single innkeeper which would be a nightmare for compatibility. This way is much more clean.


- Contact me before using anything from this mod. I will probably say yes.

- If you contact me and I do not respond within 30 days, you have full permission to use this mod, in whole or in part, in any of your work. This includes compilations, conversions, and any derivative works.

- No parts of this mod can be monetized under any circumstances. If you are caught monetizing this work, your permission to use any content from any of my mods is permanently revoked.

- Credit me if you use something from this mod.

- If you use something from this mod, your permissions should be open so other people can use it the same way you did.

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