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A medium-sized estate available to rebuild in the plains of Whiterun one the player has become thane. Comes with space for a spouse, 2 kids/followers, 3 guards/followers, all crafting stations, customization options for interior furniture, and more.

Permissions and credits
Short Description:
A medium-sized estate available to rebuild in the plains of Whiterun one the player has become thane. Comes with space for a spouse, 2 kids/followers, 3 guards/followers, all crafting stations, customization options for interior furniture, and more.

Main Features:
  • A new home rebuilt by the player after becoming Thane of Whiterun and buying the land for 5000 gold
  • Options for types of furniture within the house
  • All crafting stations
  • Quest specific decorations (check readme for details)
  • Linked storage for gold/valuables and crafting materials

Exterior Features:
  • Unique work-space from which the house is built and materials/npcs bought.
  • Farm with wheat, leeks, potatoes, cabbage, and 15 plots for planting other ingredients/food
  • Fishing Docks for gathering fish (and occasionally junk)
  • Complete Crafting area right near main house
  • Guardhouse with a training dummy to boost combat skill increase rate for 12 hours
  • 3 Hireable guards with their own patrols and schedules
  • Stables with a horse you can buy
  • Various flora and rubble around the grounds
  • Windmill because windmills look cool
  • 5 Exterior Shrine options

Interior Features:
  • Kitchen with oven and cooking pot, also including a few options for the middle table and a couple for tables near the back window
  • Options for the dining table in living room
  • Very customized alchemy and enchanting stations with plenty of eye-candy
  • Clutter and Moss options for both main interior and basement
  • All shrines (including Auri-el) available for bedroom
  • 5 options of upstairs bed, 2 doubles, 3 singles
  • Book/Display Shelves with more eye-candy
  • Desk with access to the linked gold/valuables
  • Basement with 2 beds for children/followers
  • 16 weapon racks, 6 weapon plaques, and 5 mannequins in basement

Location and Aquisition:
Right near Greenspring Hollow and the dragon mound west of Whiterun. Just look in the images, pictures are your friend. You need to buy the property from the sign right outside before the workbenches show up.

Requirements and Compatibility:
All DLC: Dawnguard, Dragonborn, and Hearthfire
This mod will most likely be incompatible with anything that affects the area around Greenspring Hollow
100% CBBE compatible with added nonexistent bodyslide functions.
Recommended: Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions or Custom Family Home, I mean unless you don't want to move your spouse or children.

Note: Mods that change anything in the same area as the house can make it so the sign doesn't work.

Known Incompatibilities:
More Bandit Camps - No Patch Known
Great Forest of Whiterun - No Patch Known

Place this below anything that changes the area around Greenspring Hollow in your load order

1. Download from the files tab
2. Extract into your data folder under \Skyrim

1. Download and install as usual

1.0.0 Initial Release: House published to nexus and hopefully bug-free. I will be watching comments and bug sections for ideas and things to be fixed.

1.0.1 Hotfix: Dragonborn daedra shrines added to exterior, Missing textures added, Possible basement fix, fixed clay and stone deposits

See changes tab and/or changelog for a complete list of changes

Future Plans:
More or less, whatever ideas I like that show up in the comments or that I think of after release.
-Something with the farm (something bothers me in its current state)
-Support for 6 children

Q: Where are the workbenches?
A: There are two in the work space outside the Architect Bench, where you build the exterior, and opposite of it the Requisitions Bench, where you buy materials and npcs, and inside the Furniture Bench, where you build the furniture in the main house.

Q: Will you make a version without the DLC?
A: No, at least not without Hearthfire. (And if you got Hearthfire and not the other two, why tho?)

Q: Is there anyway to just completely build the house without having to gather materials?
A: Type tcl into the console and go into the tower right next to the work space there is a chest with everything you need... You cheater. Just kidding, no judgement here.

Q: The mannequins are looking around.
A: I haven't had them move but they like to be twisted in place, looking around the room, the psychopaths. Just don't blink.

Q: Can you remove ______ ?
A: I will only be making additions and bug fixes usually, anything in the original version will most likely be there to stay unless it is totally broken.

Meshes, Textures, etc.:

Vindsvept - Creative Commons Attribution 4.0:

Special Thanks:
DarkFox127: For all the tutorials I used making this house
And to all of you that download and give feedback, your help is invaluable.

Any scripts in this mod are free to use, credit me if you like. PM me if you have any other questions.

Mods Used in Screenshots:
Grim and Somber ENB Hircine
Vivid Weathers
Noble Skyrim
aMidianBorn - Book of Silence