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pisk64 here.

This little plugin adds 2 craftable shields into game.
(sadly they both have glass shield model right now, cause no better candidate, looking for someone to help me with retexture or new model)


Ethereal shield

Super light shield for magic users, cannot be enchanted, doesnt have any magic enchants either
damage from bash like shield with 10 base armor rating.
BUT you can use mage armor perk while using it...
And you can use all block perks related to shield, so you have lot better survival in close combat, also against arrows.
Doesnt slow you down like light / heavy shield while running.

Can be crafted ONLY WITH SKYFORGE with arcane blacksmithing perk using 4 gems:


yeah this one is quite "op" but its not so easy to obtain...
Eth Bugged Stormshield

Strong (in terms of bash damage), yet super light shield(no slowdown) , that has buffed (3x) Spellbreaker enchant.
When you block it casts ward like spell which can absorb up to 150! damage.
This can help you avoid stunlock, and damage that you may experience with spellbreaker while fighting with magic users.
Also shield bash damage equals Daedric shield, which is highest in game.
And still, you can benefit from Mage Armor perk...

Can be crafted ONLY WITH SKYFORGE with arcane blacksmithing perk using:
Spellbreaker - unique daedric artifact from quest
Ethereal Shield - meh
Sigil stone - item obtained in quest for master conjuration skills. (90+ skill, Phinis Gestor)

If you want to test this shield, but you dont have materials you can use console.
Type in console help bugged 0 or help ethereal 0 and use PageUP to scroll until you find either eth bugged stormshield or ethereal shield records. Then use command
player.additem "idyoufoundwithhelp" 1
(without quotes)

Hope you like it and GL & HF!


Put .esp file inside "data" in your skyrim directory