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Enhance your enhanced crossbows' appearance, so they look distinct from bog-standard

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Author: MadCat221 ([email protected])

Version: 1

First release: September 23, 2016

1. Introduction
2: Installation
3. Version History


This mod does a few cosmetic enhancements to all crossbows, especially the Enhanced crossbows, which now are visually distinct.  Any texture enhancements were done from the Official HD Texture Pack as a basis.

The changes are as follows:
* Enhanced Steel Crossbow now has Corundum-colored trigger mechanisms.
* Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow now has Quicksilver-colored joint and action mechanisms.
* Bow limbs are now thinned (a la Weapon De-LARP-ification).
* Steel crossbows now use envirocube maps for more steel-like appearance (excepting the corundum bits on the Enhanced version)
* Edging on steel crossbow limbs is now no longer colored black.
* Dwarven crossbow tinting hue altered to be closer to several mods that alter dwarven metal hue.
* Dwarven crossbow envirocube mask up-res'd by adapting from the official HD specular map.

Meshes are based on USLEEP-corrected versions.  Modules reflect USLEEP changes (mainly to remove the description texts on the Enhanced crossbows so they properly show any enchantment info on them).


Unpack the ESP module, meshes folder, and texture folder into your Skyrim\Data folder.  Activate the ESP module "EnhancedCrossbowsEnhanced" using the mod manager of your choice.


v 1.0:
First release.