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My settings of Elys Uncapper are included in .rar file.

I've uploaded Extended Archery and Block before, but now I've finished all of warrior-style perk overhaul. This mod uses Elys (Community) Uncapper mod, with my own settings. (200 SKILL CAP)
For those who want a more long gameplay with a harder difficulty, I'll reccommend this. Use this with Deadly Dragons, Wars in Skyrim and Custom Difficulty mods, now there should be a balance.

What it does: This mod adds twice as much perks to six warrior skill trees: Two-Handed, One-Handed, Archery, Heavy Armor, Block and Smithing.

I want to list all of new new added perks but it is a tiring work so I'll explain what kinds of perks that I added.

EXAMPLE: For example; in vanilla there are 5 ransk of damage increasing perks in Twohanded skill tree. Each one has a skill requirement, like 0, 20, 40, 60, 80
Now I added more 5 perks to this damage increasing perks so you can improve your attack skill more: requires 100, 120, 140,160, 180 skill

Another example: Bullseye (15% chance of paralyzing for 10 seconds with bow) perk needs a 100 Archery skill points, now i added a new rank to Bullseye (30% chance of paralyzing for 20 seconds) that requires 200 archery skill points.

As for smithing: Now all smithing perks has one more rank, like 1st rank, as in vanilla, unlocks a new armor-weapon set to create and improve them twice as much at forges, now with second rank: you can improve those armor-weapons 4x as much! Especially, this is for those who want to use low-level armor-weapon set for liking his appearance. (Notice the 200 skill cap, this will affect your smithing also)

You'll see all new perks with their descriptions in game, already.

Just extract all .esp files or what you want, to your Data folder. And copy SKSE folder to your Data folder.


Note: Just let me know if you find bugs.