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An ENB to use with Terrible Textures for Weak Computer.

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Use this ENB after you have downloaded Terrible Textures for Weak Computers by gutlessVADER or are using any other textures that turn Skyrim into a cartoon. This ENB will remove all that glossiness and shiny look that makes everything look like plastic when there are no textures.

And here's a simple tutorial for playing Toon Skyrim:
Step 1. Download Terrible Textures for Weak Computers by gutlessVADER
Step 2. Download this ENB
Step 3. Download these textures that replace some ugly ones
Step 4. (Optional) Use a mod to disable blood, I suggest No blood by Citizen86.

Why no blood? Because in my opinion it doesn't fit with the cartoon-feel, but that's just my opinion.

And that's it! Remember when you saw that thing on Reddit and you were like "Aw, man. Am I ever gonna be able to play it?" Well you were just lazy, because I literally typed into Google "nexus toon skyrim," did a little bit of digging, found the Terrible Textures, and boom! Well anyway, I hope you enjoy.