UNP Ranger Armor Retextures by Alecu and Undeadgoblin
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Added: 21/09/2016 - 07:56PM
Updated: 05/06/2017 - 03:47AM

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Last updated at 3:47, 5 Jun 2017 Uploaded at 19:56, 21 Sep 2016


It is required that you have the original mod installed by Alecu and also with Havok Physics & HDT High Heels as the mod depends on it.

UNP Ranger Armor

HDT High Heels

XP32 Maximum Skeleton


Just download with manager, or install manually as you normally would with most other mods.
Select your texture of choice on both pages and then overwrite any files it tells you to and your done.



-Update 1_1-

Added 3 new textures

Assassin - Black and red
Vaermina - Purple and pink
Mercenary - Brown and red


Credit to tetrodoxin for creating Snapdragon Prime ENB (Used in all screenshots)
Credit to Alecu for creating the original armor mod and doing an awesome job.


Alecu's Own Words: You have permission for public mods that can be found and downloaded by anyone or for strictly private use limited to yourself.  Under no circumstances do I agree with any parts of my mods being used for private releases or limited releases.  I don't want to be responsible, even indirectly, for other people wasting hours at a time, desperately searching for a mod that might not even exist on the internet.