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Adds 59 paintings as items to find in-game.

Permissions and credits
  • Polish
NarrativeLoot - Paintings and Frames

Adds 59 paintings from Paintings and Frames as items to find in-game! I’ve enabled collision physics, configured inventory meshes, and added them to vanilla loot lists.

Using Jaxonz Positioner, you can hang these glorious paintings in your player-homes.

The paintings are in "Simple" ($20), "Fine" ($60), and "Great" ($240) categories. Fine paintings are introduced at level 20, and Great paintings are introduced at level 40.

The paintings can be found at the following rates:

  • 20% - Boss Chests, Noble Chests
  • 10% - Regular Chests
  • 6%   - Cupboards

This means you are sure to find a painting every 2 dungeons. It would take 120 dungeons, 600 chests, or 1000 cupboards to find one of every painting!

General item merchants also stock paintings from all categories. The chance of a merchant stocking a painting ranges from 8% to 41% (Khajiit Caravan). I’ve integrated the paintings into the vendor lists such that even custom merchants may sell them!

To add specific paintings, reference the title from the image tab by hovering over the image of the painting you want. Replace the "xx" in its name with the Mod Index from your load order to get the ID of that painting for your game. In-game, type into console 'player.additem <Book ID> 1', which will give you one of that painting.

To change the size of your painting, open console and click it, and then type 'setscale x', where x is the amount you want to
increase it by (default = 1.00).


  1. Install with your preferred method
  2. Create a new [size=3]Wrye Bash patch to merge any other modded loot lists that affect LItemMiscVendorMiscItems75

Be sure to merge your loot lists after installation.

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Artisanix for the paintings and frames! Incredible art and technique. When formatting these, I was always amazed by what the next painting would be. I know that others will feel the same having your excellent paintings in their game.