Mystical Ice Spell Effects by Nopheros
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Added: 06/02/2012 - 02:52PM
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Mystical Ice Spell Effects

This is an alternate version of the high resolution ice/frost spell decal mod. I made this since the vanilla texture seems pretty low resolution and a bit dull for my taste compare to the other spell decals & this is especially obvious from the dragon breath attack which will expand/stretch the texture even further. I know there is already an excellent retexture mod of this type called Deadly Spell Impacts made by isoku. I just feel like creating my own version, giving it a more mystical look thus the name. Adding a bit of variety to the modding scene & giving ourselves a bit more choice should be a plus, right? :) The textures for this mod ranges from 512, 1024 and 2048 pixel size resolution so this mod is scalable to how much your PC can handle. See screenshots for more details & comparisons. Do keep in mind the screenshots taken are very up close just for differentiating purposes. You'd never have your face close to the wall like that all the time thus the lower resolution textures still a viable choice for older PCs.

Use NMM or if you want to install this mod manually, the texture folder is in MISE\spelldecals\ and the normal map is in MISE\normals\

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