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Simple corrections to fix small bugs in Enderal.

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Note:  As of Enderal version, the SureAI team have incorporated the fixes from this mod that they consider pertinent into the official version of Enderal.

The things that have not been incorporated are the changes to the merchants (Seletha Hafner, Zorkban Smoulderfire) and changes to various armor pieces that allow enchanting.

A member of the SureAI team contacted me about this and informed me that with the Forgotten Stories DLC they intend to expand the roles of those two merchants and activate and/or change the usage of some of the armor pieces.  Therefore once the Forgotten Stories DLC is released, I recommend removing this mod from your load order.  After the DLC is released I will re-evalute and either deactivate or update this mod.

Contains simple corrections to fix small bugs in Enderal that I have encountered while creating and testing my other Enderal mods.
The bugs are outside the scope of my Enderal mods, and so are presented here for your use

See the ReadMe tab for complete details of bug fixes and change log.

Other mod authors are free to incorporate these changes into their mods.

Feel free to leave comments for other users concerning any of this mod's incompatibilites with other mods.
However, please do not report other bugs to me for me to include in my mod.  I do not want to be the keeper of an all-inclusive fix mod.

The SureAI team's 'Enderal' total conversion mod for Skyrim.

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