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Tools to create a database of Skyrim dialogue and then search by word and voicetype.

Files are provided as is.

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Cobb Dialogue Database Processor

I built this tool for my own use, so it's significantly less polished than my more public-minded works, but I figure people may still get some use out of it. This upload consists of:

  • A TES5Edit script that can export all dialogue in selected quests as an XML dataset. A list of voicetypes used will also be exported.
  • A web page (though it should run locally on your hard drive) that can load that dataset, and convert it to something indexed as JSON; the tool can then load that JSON and search all INFOs by word and voicetype(s).


This is one of my personal tools and as such, it is provided as-is. I may fix bugs or provide support on request, but in general I'm going to be a lot less keen on fixing this thing than I would be for my public works.

These tools were created specifically for Skyrim Classic, and are not guaranteed to work on Fallout 4 or Skyrim Special. Tests with Fallout 4 missed 90% of its dialogue, owing to the different dialogue system used there.

The web page tool was developed for Firefox and has only been tested in that browser. I can't guarantee stable or accurate behavior on other browsers.

Converting the dataset from XML to JSON is a performance-intensive process and will likely hang Firefox for a little bit. A JSON dataset of all vanilla and DLC dialogue is 34MB, and the conversion process essentially involves telling Firefox to slam all of that data into a single textbox. Jamming huge amounts of data into the DOM is... not nice.

(No, I'm not going to just upload the JSON file for you. I don't feel comfortable uploading a full dump of all dialogue in a copyrighted AAA game and its paid DLCs.)