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Another addition to my ELEP line of ENB presets.
No alterations have been done to enbseries.ini, it's all in the shader files, and it's configured to be close to vanilla to have a good start for anyone to tweak this preset as they see fit.

Permissions and credits
This preset was created for both tweakers and gamers who like the overall look of the vanilla lighting style but found certain things to look a bit off.
As well as for those who are struggling with the over the top performance killer ENB presets.

For installation and general ENB use I will re-direct you to my ENB guide which can be located here;
Guide to ENBSeries
And I also recommend looking into MTichneor's ENB Documentation for a even more detailed explanation of most of the ENBSeries commands and effects;
ENB Evolved
Or you can have a look at this guide which is the most up to date out of the three;


The focus on this preset was to have a good base for anyone who wants to start tweaking their own preset, but don't want to go through all the hassle of setting everything up. With this preset you can ease your way in to becoming a tweaking master.
Start small just adjust some settings in the enbseries.ini file to see what each setting does, if you end up "destroying" the visuals of the preset, just copy and paste the .ini file from the 7zip folder and start over.
And when you feel comfortable enough, go ahead and move on to alter the shader settings, and after that the shader files themselves even.
Or however you want to approach it, it's up to you.

  • I have normalized and corrected the pitch black shadows caused by too high contrast values, while still keeping it at a very similar amount of darkness that is in the vanilla game. Thus the color range have been increased thanks to that.

  • Nights are slightly darker in the ambient/"shadow" lighting but fully visible compared to vanilla shadows.

  • All imagespace modifiers functions!, but now you can customize Night Eye visuals with a range of settings only applied when Night Eye effects is active.

  • Visuals are close to vanilla so any type of lighting mod that works and looks good without this ENB Preset, should look good with this preset. However I can't guarantee that to a 100%, there are always something/somethings that can look a bit off. But even if it does it would most likely only require small amount of tweaks to compensate for that visual difference.

  • Separate Readme files explaining all the files different commands, in very simple terms so there hopefully will not be any confusion arising.

  • Assigned the min and max values to all the commands to their appropriate level to not cause any faulty render/pixelation or any other issue related to using a too low or too high value.


First and foremost the presets was not configured around any specific effects. You can run with all effects off or all effects on without destroying the visuals of the presets. However they will of course change the visuals, some more than others but again it will not destroy the visuals by making things to "bloomy", over-/under-exposed etc. It will work just fine no matter what.

Default EFFECTS activated, and thus recommended;

  • EnableAdaptation - Alters the brightness of the game based on where you look. If you look into the sun, the surrounding environment will dim in brightness. Looking into a dark shadowed place will make the environment brighter.

  • EnableDetailedShadow - Fixes the shadows and makes the need to have higher resolutions less needed. An effect I wouldn't deactivate no matter what. But feel free to do so for whatever reason you have.

  • EnableSunRays - Adds rays of light coming from the sun. Have also been known as "God Rays"

  • EnableParticleLights - For those of you who can't run with a heavy light source mod like ELFX or RLO you can activate this that will create fake lighting around certain effects by using the mesh FX to add in lighting.

  • EnableWater - Makes the water in the exteriors look and behave better and more realistic as well. Should be used with these two mods - Realistic Water Two and Watercolor for ENB for an even better visual look, not required however, completely optional.

  • EnableProceduralSun - Forget about needing to have high resolution sun textures without compression to reduce artifacts in the texture. Procedural Sun applies a customizable sun to the game. Control Size, transparency and glow intensity. Then there are regular Sun settings in ENVIRONMENT to use as well.

The rest of the effects in the EFFECT section of the enbseries.ini file can be activated based on your visual needs or deactivated based on your performance needs.
However activating or deactivating any effects will of course alter the visuals, some in a drastic way and others less so, but none of them will destroy the preset!


All Bethesda DLC's - Does not require you to have them!
Bethesda HD Textures
Mindflux Particle Patch - with Subsurface Patch and Ice Shader Fix
Reduced sky gradient banding
Weather Fixes - also download Sun and Sunglare textures


Ultimate HD Fire Effects
Superior Lore Friendly Hair, Rough version
SkySight Skins - Ultra HD 4K and 2K - Male Textures
Cover Khajiit's
Better Dynamic Snow
Skyrim Project Optimization


STEP Extended


Boris - The brains and creator of the ENBseries.
Prod80 - For the code inspiration, examples and help.
kingeric1992 - Initial TOD factor developer
MTichenor - Initial Vignette, Grain and Letterbox developer - Example of the RGB>XYZ>Yxy color space
Charles Poynton - Color FAQ