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A shiny new dagger.

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Leaf Dagger

By Billyro


This mod adds a shiny new dagger to Skyrim. It can be found at Clearpine Pond, near the body of a dead necromancer

This is my first weapon that was baked from a high-poly - I'm pretty happy with the results. I've always had trouble with baking normals, and never really looked into why they didn't work for me. Then I started using Knald (which is a great tool for generating normal maps and baking!) which just made it too easy. So, expect this kind of quality from now on. 

You can choose between 1K and 3K texture sizes: 3K looks better but may affect your performance. There is an optional alternate cubemap which looks a bit nicer on the blade, but the pommel will look a bit strange in my opinion (look at the second render - you can see Coit Tower in the pommel). Use it if you want to...

YES, there is a scabbard! It's the same scabbard from my Albion Viceroy mod (though obviously much smaller). 

Video Review in the Spoiler

This mod should be compatible with everything. 

There is an optional patch for Dual Sheath Redux.


Copy the contents of archive to your Skyrim\Data folder. Activate the .esp in the Skyrim launcher. That's it! Alternatively, you can download with NMM and activate it through that.


Please don't redistribute this mod. If you wish to use this dagger in a custom mod, please let me know beforehand. 


v1: Initial release


Humus, for his cubemap base (Fjaderholmarna). 

3DS Max 2016, NifSkope, Paint.NET, Quixel and Knald - the tools I used to make this mod. 

OMFrostWolf, for providing me with DSR patches in the past which I used in this mod.