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FurArmor Set( hat, poncho, gloves, boots, muffler, earmuffs, shouldercape, coat )
7 types

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Update 4.1.1 by DSavage56
1. Temper Recipes added for armor versions of Boots, Hat, and Gloves
2. Werewolf boots now make the sound of a werewolf walking
3. Mage versions of furs created, rated as clothes, provide no armor protection, and have reduced weights
For sorting purposes these start with the pre-fix MageFur instead of FurSet
4. Prices brought into line with raw material costs.
5. A single fur now can make more gloves and earmuffs.
A. One fur makes two sets of gloves
B. One fur makes four earmuffs. But also costs 2 more leather strips

FrostFall Aware Update by DSavage56
 Now FrostFall aware (Does not require FrostFall or Campfire)
 Armor weights slightly reworked.
 Names modified to be more self explanatory.
 crafting : forge -> tanning rack.

What is this?
 7 styles of Hat, Poncho, Gloves(2types), Boots, Muffler, Earmuffs, ShoulderCape, Coat

How ot get?
 crafting by tanning rack.
 using console.(help furset)

 SabreCat Leopard : 1 leather, 2 leatherstrips, 1 sabrecatpelt
 SabreCat Tiger      : 1 leather, 2 leatherstrips, 1 sabrecatpelt 
 SabreCat Snow      : 1 leather, 2 leatherstrips, 1 snowsabrecatpelt
 Wolf                     : 1 leather, 2 leatherstrips, 1 wolfpelt
 SnowBear              : 1 leather, 2 leatherstrips, 1 snowbearpelt
 Bear                     : 1 leather, 2 leatherstrips, 1 bearpelt
 WereWolf              : 1 leather, 2 leatherstrips, 1 werewolfpelt