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Added: 15/09/2016 - 02:47PM
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Last updated at 8:02, 5 Oct 2016 Uploaded at 14:47, 15 Sep 2016

This mod is released ONLY on Nexus. If you see it on other pages it's probably stolen.

- modified loadscreen added
- refracting bottles option added
- alternate glow option added
- fixed shining potions' tags when looking from the distance in 3rd person

Thanks to UltimateImmersionn for making a video (used ENB - Tetrachromatic ENB)


Inspired by CACO and other mods that make potions smaller, I've decided to create "small bottled" version of my original mod, because why not? Now all potions are similar in size.


As my original mod, this mod is a total revamp of vanilla potions. It adds about 150 modified models for skill potions, stronger potions and few others. It also adds Philter of the Phantom, Ice Wraith Bane and Nightshade Extract to a leveled list, so you have a chance to buy them from alchemist merchants. I also gave Nightshade Extract more effects. IT DOESN'T CONTAIN THE WHITE PHIAL.

There are few new things in this mod:
  1. Almost every potion has a name tag. The names on the tags slightly differ from the original names. Potions added by other mods, which use vanilla meshes will have a tag, but without a name on it.
  2. Improved animations - now the liquid looks like it's floating in different directions. I also added normal maps for "watery" effect.
  3. The stronger the potion, the slower the animation and more intensive color. It means that weak potions have very faint color and pretty fast animations (because they are diluted), while stronger potions have slower animations and more vivid colors (because they are more concentrated). 
  4. The glow effect is constant (it means no pulsing effect). You will probably be able to see the liquid inside the bottle all the time, even when it's dark (it greatly depends on ENB).

As always, the mod was made for vanilla graphic, but it should work with almost any ENB. Visiblity of the animations and glow intensity depend on many factors, including:
- in-game time of the day
- use of any lightening mods
- any light sources
- your screen and Skyrim's brightness settings
- overall display settings
- use of ENB  etc.

If you feel the effects are too strong or too weak, you can try to use one of the optional files. With some ENBs animations are not visible during the night or they are not visible at all.

I didn't use any ENB when making video and taking photos.

Mod folder contains four folders (actually five including fomod installer):
  1. 00main - required files
  2. 01optional - additional files for Dragonborn, Dawnguard and iNeed Dangerous Diseases. They are NOT patches, therefore they are not required. They just give new look to potions added by those DLCs and mod.
  3. 02patches - patches for CACO and Requiem. You can use only one of them at a time, because they replace main plugin (more details for those who use both mods together in INSTALLATION section).
  4. 03misc - contains alternate glow and refracting bottles options.


Fomod installer is included so you can just install with a mod installer. If it doesn't work, first copy files from "00main" folder to your Data folder. Go to "01optional" folder and choose files you want to use, copy them to Data folder as well. Go to "02patches" folder and choose files you need. YOU DON'T NEED TO INSTALL DRAGONBORN NOR DAWNGUARD OPTIONAL FILES IF YOU'RE GOING TO USE EITHER PATCH.

IF YOU ARE A USER OF BOTH CACO AND REQUIEM - if you want to keep changes provided by CACO, install ONLY CACO patch. If you want to keep changes provided by Requiem, install CACO patch and plugin from "Requiem for CACO" folder. Load PPsmallbotReq.esp AFTER PPsmallbot.esp.

Finally, if you want to use refracting bottles option go to "01refracting bottles\0main" folder and copy files to your Data folder. Choose any other files you need from "01refracting bottles" folder and copy them to your Data folder as well (!!!IMPORTANT!!! for CACO option you need files from "1Legendary" folder as well).
If you want alternate glow, copy files from "00alternate glow" to your Data folder. It works for both, main version and refracting bottles version.

Overwrite any files if asked.

If you already use my original Pretty Animated Potions mod, and want to change to this one, first delete "potions" folder from "Data\textures", "potiondefault.nif" from "Data\meshes\clutter\potions" and all prettypotions plugins from Data folder. Then install this mod. Overwrite old files if asked. The mods are only retextures so it should be fine to uninstall and install them mid-game.

NOT COMPATIBLE with any mod that alters potions in any way.

I hope you like it. If so, please endorse :)

If you would like to use any part of this mod, please contact me first.