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A quest to help you collect ice claws in Enderal.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds quest markers for all ice claws.There are 227 ice claws in Enderal,This mod only includes 223 ice claw activators' location,the other 4 claws are relative to NPCs or quest or that don't need to harvest.

After installing the mod, Activing a ice claw first time will automatically starts a collection quest and mark all the ice claws' positions in map.If you have already started collection,collection quest will starts after loading save. Then you will find the developer's sinister intentions, there are some places where you can't get there or you will ignore it.

Sister mod:
Enderal-Magical Symbols Collection Quest:

1.Due to TESV's system limit, the number of map marker showed on compass seems has a lower limit,I can't find relevant game settings to modify it,so some quest markers will not occur in compass, please refer to the map.
2.This mod(without improved reward) modifies ice claw's activator script and will conflict with other mods that modify ice claw's activator,please load this mod as higher priority as possible to make it work normally.
3.The improved reward version modifies ice claw's activator script and ingredient effect script, so it will conflict with Enderal-Ice Cap give 10 max weight mod.
4.For the improved reward version, I set 2 kinds of extra rewards. Using an ice claw will gain 2 carryweight and have 5% chance to gain extra 10  carryweight. Then everytime you collect 20 ice claws, you will get periodic rewards such as learning point, handicraft point, memery point, gold, EXP, extra carryweight.

2017.11.15(Version 2.2)
-Update for Enderal main version 1 new ice claw and support new paper map)

2017.3.25(Version 2.1)
-Update for Enderal main version 1 new ice claw)

2016.12.18(Version 2.0)
-Completely redone for Enderal main version
Note: Due to Enderal new version completely changes ice claw activator script, this mod must redone to apply new changes.
How to update from old version: You need delete all old files of this mod, then enter and save game to refresh obsolete data. Then setup v2.0 and play.

2016.12.12(Version 1.3)
-Fix some update problem of Version 1.2. You can update safely from 1.2 or 1.1 without addtional settings.

2016.12.11(Version 1.2)
-Update for Enderal main version 3 new ice claw)

2016.9.30(Version 1.1)
-Fix minor bugs
-Improved reward version: chance to gain extra 10  carryweight 5% → 10%

-Add improved reward version.