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Add quest markers for all magical symbols and improve collection rewards.

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This mod adds quest markers for all magical symbols and improve collection rewards(optional).

There are 100 magical symbols distributed in Enderal world, and I think most of us need a collection guidence because many symbols are placed in a hard-to-discover position.
After installing the mod, Activing a magical symbol first time will automatically starts a collection quest and mark all the magical symbols' positions in map.If you have already started collection,collection quest will starts after loading save. Then you will find the developer's sinister intentions, there are some places where you can't get there or you will ignore it.
In addition, according to the script, the collection of symbols can only get a little experience,I think it is uesless.So I improve the experience reward of each symbols, and collecting a certain amount of symbols will gives you gold, learning points, handwork points, memory points, experience and other special rewards. Of course, Completing this quest of collecting 100 symbols has a super grand reward, but it seems like impossible without using console......

Sister mod:
Enderal-Ice Claws Collection Quest:

1.Due to TESV's system limit, the number of map marker showed on compass seems has a lower limit,I can't find relevant game settings to modify it,so some quest markers will not occur in compass, please refer to the map.
2.This mod modifys magical symbol's script and will conflict with other mods that modify magical symbols,please load this mod as higher priority as possible to make it work normally.
3.There are two symbols bounded to quests,one is in star city,one is in aged man's manor.If you miss them,you can't get it anymore without using console.

2017/11/15:Update V2.2 to support latest version
2017/3/25:Update V2.1 to support latest version.
2016/10/4:Upload a optional plugin that makes magical symbol have a sound like nirnroot in vanilla skyrim.