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I made hair centuries ago to be used by the Beyond Skyrim team if they wanted them and it was requested that I actually upload the thing here, so here it is.

Permissions and credits
Adds a lot of (can't remember, maybe 80? altogether across the races and sexes) vanilla-style hair to the game that should fit in with what already exists. No hairspray hair here and all hair uses vanilla
textures, so any mod that changes vanilla hair textures will also affect
Since one of the hairs is a modified Serana hair, Dawnguard is required.
Most human hairs (except some are specifically for Breton and all Redguard hairs are redguard) can be used for all human races.
Most elf hairs (except some that are only available to Bosmer) are available to all elves.
Orc hairs and Khajiit hairs are specific to their races (some are conversions of default vanilla hair such as the mohawk which the orcs were missing for some reason)

Well, I've been living under a rock. If you've played Beyond Skyrim: Bruma, you may recognise some of the hairs. The hairs were initially made for BS but were released as this mod because it was requested.

This mod by IndigoCrow adds the hairs to select NPC's.

Update 01/07/2017
Final update for humans and elves. I am thinking of doing more for Khajiit/Orcs/and maybe feather and horn designs for Argonians (Maybe fins like Oblivion?) Inspiration for modding, however, has evapourated, so I guess we'll see if I pick this up again.

Update 28, February 2017

Last update for a while. The redguard female hairline on the hairs was bugging me so I fixed them. Also made 2 more elf hairs and other fixes. Also adds in shiny bald head.

Update 20, February 2017
First of all, I hope I uploaded the right one. I'm working on both Skyrim and SSE at the same time, so forgive me if I get the esp's muddled up.
This update fixes almost every hairline so that they have the correct shader flags which should fix some lighting issues. It also adds a few hairs for Orcs and Khajiits and adds a pointy and braided beard/goatee to all humanoid races and a goatee for the male Khajiit. The beards were more of a test to see if I could do it. It also tweaks a few of the hairs to fix some things that were griping me (femalehighelfhair01 and 02) and (FemalehairImperial08) I might have tweaked others but right now I can't remember.

Update 05, February 2017
Tweaked a few hairs, including added some hair plaits to the long elven hair (marked as female/malewoodelfhair01) to better differentiate from Dark Elf hair 01.
Added some Khajiit hairs. So far the male only has 1 and it's based on the existing Mohawk style. there are 3 female Khajiit, the first is the make Mohawk that's been fitted to the female head. the 2nd is based very roughly from the messy one from Oblivion and the 3rd is also based on a hair from Oblivion, the one where the hair goes into the triangle things (whatever they're called?) I will be at some point making more male hairs.

Update 29/01/17
Added 2 new female human hairs. They're labelled as Imperial, but can be used by all human races. one is a ponytail and the other is a longhair version of femalenordhair18. I've also changed 2 elf hairs because they looked too similar to existing ones. They are still aesthetically the same, but are longer haired versions. Skyrim is missing a lot of long hair that goes beyond the shoulders.
I am looking into maybe making Khajiit hairs, but it might take a while.
Just to note, that in order to make some hairs not clip through helmets, I changed some so that they completely disappear when wearing headwear.

Here's a video showcasing some of the hair by Darkfox127