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A simple patch to make the face masks from Wet and Cold ashes play nicely together with equipping overhaul.

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Normally, the left hand equipped weapon for equipping overhaul uses the same slot as the face masks from wet and cold ashes. This patch simply changes the slot the face masks use.

I don't use Dual Sheath Redux, and don't even know if it has the same problem as EO does with Wet and cold. But if it does have the same problem, then this patch will most likely work. 

I asked the author for permission to upload this patch, but I never heard back from him. So I uploaded it anyway. This may or may not get removed once I do hear back from him. Sorry in advance if anything!

Installation: Install Wet and cold - ashes first, then let this patch override it. 

Uninstall: Uninstall it.