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Six unique weapons. Caution: power sometimes comes at a great price.

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A magical relic should be a thing of legend, of awe, and of danger. It should be something boldly sought, proudly wielded, and not lightly parted with. It would not be sold by vendors or kept in an unlocked chest in plain sight. It would be something that the Empire would have wanted to keep a close -- and fearful -- eye upon.

The thing about hoarding powerful relics is that they tend to go unused until nobody knows they ever existed. Forgotten behind the thrones in the Old Pelagius Wing of the Blue Palace is a lost reliquary (you no longer need the console to get there; look at the videos). Inside is a collection of weapons from fallen heroes and villains. The Empire forsook these legends, so nothing is stopping you from taking their gear. Or do they carry a heavier price than you'd guess?


Duul Do Nahlot (The Crown of Silence)

Are you worthy of wandering the frozen tundra with a dragon's horn for a weapon? Need to apply a deserved smacking to some smartass without the guards attacking you?

The dragon Nahlot ("Silence") ravaged the Northern coast. The warrior who defeated him kept his severed horn (or "crown") as a battle trophy, and discovered it carried a curious and useful power. The Crown of Silence then became an official weapon of the Thanes of old. Each in turn carved it with the sigils of their allegiances.


Okaaznin, The Ring of the Ray

(This goes well with SpikeDragonLord's Sea of Spirits or Beasts of Tamriel)

OKAAZNIN IS A CONSCIOUS, JEALOUS ARTIFACT. She wants you to stay in the water, so if you equip her while swimming, she conveys waterbreathing, 50% frost resistance, an invisible cloak of poison, and a new Lesser Power called Venom Barb. The Venom Barb is a projectile you can fire in the water once every few seconds. Yes, even underwater and even at targets on land. As long as you keep her on thereafter, no matter how many times you leave the water, Venom Barb will automatically be equipped when you resume swimming. BUT if you UNEQUIP her, you will not get most of her powers again unless you swim first, THEN equip her. Let me say it again: keep the ring on, and you need never select Venom Barb; but if you take the ring off, just get in the water before putting it back on. She'll forgive you.


Vukrahlon (Cruel, Cold Fists)

Deliver a classic heavy metal smackdown. Perfect for bruisers who need a glorious getaway when outnumbered. It staggers the area and freezes targets, providing chaos when you need it. Better keep some soul gems handy.

Vukrahlon can be improved if you have the Arcane Smithing perk. An unenchanted version can be crafted at the Skyforge but it will look fresh and new, not weathered.


Wolvol, Staff of Horror

WOLVOL IS INTENSELY JEALOUS, MUCH MORE THAN OKAAZNIN! If you unequip this weapon -- even just switching hands with it -- he will punish you severely. Wolvol is not for low-level players. You have been warned! This unique staff casts fear into the living and reanimates the dead. It's not as powerful as master-level spells, but a versatile alternative for a staff. You will need plenty of soul gems. Don't be surprised if Vigilants of Stendarr attack you on sight.


Spit and Swallow - Nord War-Sickles

The enchantments on these blackened steel sickles are reasonably lower than on vanilla gear, because they have three each; but the combination is deadly. Sounds OP but you will still have a fight on your hands. Using Spit and Swallow with dual-wield perks is very satisfying. I have not tested them with DSR; if you need a patch and want to make one, please let me know.

They can be improved if you have the Arcane Smithing perk. Unenchanted versions can be crafted at the Skyforge.

Having witnessed all this ancient gear, you are now capable of crafting a Fist Hammer or Nord Sickle at the Skyforge. Note that the Fist Hammer will be brand new, not notched and seasoned like Vukrahlon.

This mod uses only two very small scripts that do not check for conditions or do anything extravagant. The textures are all 2k. The meshes are as low-poly as I could get away with and still have them look nice. The mod is cleaned with TES5Edit. In short you should not get any issues. If you use my old mods: ShutUpper, Ring of the Eel, or Ysolda the Innkeeper - uninstall them, then install this mod. Or don't. But these are far more balanced and it's a cleaner, slimmer mod.


Unky Plunky don't just hand you OP gear. These are carefully balanced, with pros and cons.


1. Read
2. Install
3. Kiss my hoary arsenal

Thanks to Septfox for helping me with display issues with the ring!

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