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Yngol and Ylgar sailed out of the massive shipyards of Jylkurfyk, not knowing that this was the last time they would meet.

During the voyage to Tamriel, the fleet of the Five Hundred was hit by the Storm of Separation. Both of the brothers were separated from the rest of the crew.

It was Ylgar and his crew who luckily avoided the hazards of the great storm and sailed out alive. The only other thing known about Ylgar was that he was "extremely handsome" And his skill with a blade was unmatched by any of Tamriel's warriors.

Ylgar can be found outside of Yngol's Barrow, northeast of Windhelm.

Perhaps he is waiting for someone to help him with a task that lies within...

Custom Armor. Can be Equipped by the player.

There will be a texture seam on his hands and neck, due to edited meshes.

Ylgar uses his two-handed sword, the Butcher's Knife in battle.

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