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Dwemer themed manor located in the Rift near Darkwater Pass. Comes in both exotic and regular versions Has all crafting stations, ample storage and displays, follower friendly and compatible with Hearthfire multiple adoptions.

Permissions and credits
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Dwemer Manor

Dwemer themed manor located in the Rift near Darkwater Pass (See map in the image section)
Must be purchased for 30,000 gold - Click the sale sign at the door

Requires all DLC's
Hearthfire multiple adoptions required to move your family in (Cast the "Bless Home" spell inside)

Special Thanks to AncientKane for allowing me to use his textures from The lost Dwemer castle 
Be sure to also check out his awesome Skyrim Underground mod

Exotic Version

Regular Version (Only available under old files)

Optional standalone Automation Followers

Main Cell - Smithy, Enchanting, Dining and Guest Rooms (12 Beds)
Bedrooms - Master, Kids (6 beds), Display and Library areas
Cellar - Storage, Boilery, Staff rooms (6 Beds) Hidden area
Auto undressing for NPC's at pools
Displays for:
Dragon Claws
Dragon Priest & DB Masks
Bug Jars
Black Books
Elder Scrolls
Daedric Artifacts
9 NPC's - 6 Merchants, 3 Droid Followers
Teleport Spell

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