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The high quality armor + unique summon spell

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Do you want to hear the story about the human, who rebelled against nature? A master summoner which refused his human-being. Blending his blood with beasts, he had been losing his humanity. Scars, horns, pointy ears and beasts perception. The point of no return.
He was a legend. Travelling with a mighty guardian, Grem, he was a terror not only for his enemies, but for himself too.

During his life he had met many envies. Some of them tried to kill him, but he... but Grem was much faster. 
Master of Beasts. That's his name forevermore.
He was not weak at all, he was a great summoner. At least because he was able to tame those summoned 'dragon' buddy.

At the end of his life Master wished to be forgotten. He was not perfect. He was not an ideal. He didn't want to become an idol for someone. He had made too many mistakes.

He found an unremarkable cave and opened a portal to a secret chamber in it. No one would have guessed that the stone could be a passage.
Master of Beasts immured himself in this secret room with his mighty guardian. 
Many years have passed. Maybe centuries. Who knows?

The stone-portal was blocked by an odd door. And a few the most curious treasure hunters which accidently found this path were killed by Grem. Maybe his Master is dead, but his duty is not over. He is a guardian of this forsaken place. 
You can try to repeat the fate of foolish treasure hunters. But can you be stronger? Do you want to become a new Master of Beasts and to tame the guardian? Will you?

Master of Beasts is a high quality armor for male characters. Only for male characters, actually. I wanted to create something stylish and good-looking for them, because (let be honest) there are too many mods for women. Too too many. Oh,God...

This armor has daedric stats (because Master of Beasts was too cool. Trust me), but you can choose one of two versions: heavy armor or light armor.
Mod contains not only armor (Torso, gloves, boots, fur), but a spell tome. If you read it, you will be able to summon GREM. Boooooooo~

Go to Forsaken cave (south of Winterhold/West of Windhelm, I'm not good at geography, just run somewhere in this place) and find the locked door in Forsaken cave (adept difficulty). Open it and go through the portal to the Forgotten beast's sanctuary.

Now you have to fight Grem, the guardian. He is not your buddy and he is pretty strong for low level characters, so be careful and do not try to bit him when you are lvl one or two (lvl 23+ is optimal, I guess).
When you defeat this beasts just loot Master of Beasts skeleton and grab all you see. Armor and spell tome.


Many thanks to
Ivan Krieg for test and amazing screenshots ♥ ♥ ♥
asianboy345 for TERA Armors Collection for Skyrim
Dogtown1 for  Skyrim Monster Mod