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Ever wanted to live on an isolated island filled with mystery and beauty within Enderal? with uniquely handcrafted rooms & delicate details?... Looking for something different than your average Skyrim home?if so "Welcome Home"

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*Warning This File Requires Enderal to function properly. It cannot be used in Skyrim.*

Hello Everyone i have been extremely busy the past few weeks and i apologies for my absence. I will be working on this file asap once things clear up for me, it shouldn't be too much longer, ill be progressively working on updates also.

*Exotic New Rooms! Bedroom/Integrated Crafting
Added all crafting facilities
*Main Entrance
*Treasury now leads off the main entrance
*Bug Fixes: Entry, Wing A & B Roof & Door Fixes.
*NOTE*: There is a bug in the main hallway of the interior i'm trying to work out where the statue head is it clips through but if you walk through it you'll be in the next room, i am aware and trying to fix it.
*Added Linked storage chests linked to all cities.
*Expanded Treasury - Added dynamic lighting
*Added exterior decoration's + Dynamic lighting

Please make sure you're not inside the Island Abode or too close to the exterior architecture before updating! Otherwise you may clip through/bugs or bad things may happen!.

V1.1! Coming 10/11/9.
*Added all crafting facilities - Done
*Dynamic bedroom - Done
*Dynamic lighting - Working on + More rooms
*Room Features including environmental additions such as stonework & statues. Included. 
*Two new exotic rooms - Main entrance/Basement & Crafting
*Safe Storage/Exotic chests including linked rooms to and from outside the manor itself
*Sky lighting
-Working on improving Treasury & Exterior.
-Working on display cabinets
-Working on having Seperate crafting rooms

Updates planned:

*Fixing exterior bugs/Interior bugs
*Adding more rooms
*Adding static exterior: market possibly, fountain, well ect. Depending on time
*Adding interior rooms such as kitchen, categorized rooms for alchemy, enchanting, smithing ect.
*Exterior decorations
*Linked boat transport
*Myrad Transport

G'day Ladies and gentlemen! i have spent the last 12 hours this weekend working on a housing mod for Enderal / 40 total. I know it's only just recently come out and i have put over 45 hours into the mod already! and have only got as far as the "Ark" i figured id give creating a house mod a try. The island Abode is an epic island filled with mystery and open isolation. You can see from the pictures how awesome this truly will become. It's still currently a WIP V0.1 I have previously modded for Skyrim however i haven't released a single file yet However  seeing how advanced and uniquely built Enderal is compared to Skyrimi figured id challenge myself to build something that i believe can improve your experience. Id like show you my progress. 

Located at Riverville across from the bay!

It's still a long way from being completed. The mod is entirely handcrafted by myself as is the exterior and environment. My intentions to include in the mod are:

*All crafting facilities - Done
*Categorized sorting chests & storage - Linked Storage Done, There are storage chest but limited will be fixed asap.
*0 Goditems im afraid this is just a generic housing/mansion/possibly castle in the future: mod
*Myrad trasport to and from the island abode. -
*Every room in the house will be unique and hand crafted using a handplaced template -
*Master bedroom
*Boat Transport
*Fenced/Defence Tower
*Massive Categorized Vault to store your loot
*Access to Riverville via either a dock or possibly using a bridge
*Walkway to the top of the mountain for the scenery!
*Shared Storage chests used in the game themselves to connect your items to each major city & area.
*Alot more extensive plans in the works also, please feel free to comment what you'd like me to add/what you'd like to see included in Enderal
and i'll see if i can do my best to include the mod! I'm hoping to have a V1.0 release within a few weeks, however i'll be frequently adding in photos during my progress.

Regards, Immy.