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A more realistic and adorable texture for both of Skyrim's Fox species, with the option of a Raccoon-like replacer for either/both.

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Thankyou all very much for downloading & endorsing my (first) shared mod.
I'm honoured to have my simple edits of a retexture make it into the Hot Files.


Foxes are adorable creatures, but sadly the original Skyrim textures (and even some of the more realistic retextures here on the Nexus) leave something to be desired. So, working from the Fox Textures in Bellyache's Animal and Creature Pack, I made the eyes cuter (as well as the noses slightly wetter), and also created a Raccoon-like variant which you can replace the Normal and/or Arctic Foxes with.

NOTE: It seems that my original 1K textures were actually modified Vanilla textures (I didn't realise at the time), but they've since been updated with 1K versions of the 2K Bellyache textures that I modified. Apologies for the confusion, and thanks to Svammelie for pointing it out.


Just install one of the Main Files (allow NMM to replace files if asked), and you'll have my new Fox textures in the Vanilla colours.

Then you can replace the Normal and/or Arctic Foxes with my new Raccoon texture. Just install and replace either (or both) of the Optional Files after installing one of the Main files.

PELTS: This mod (as of version 2.1) includes Bellyache's pelt retextures, so that the Vanilla Foxes will have matching pelts.
I might create a pelt retexture for the Raccoon-like variant someday.


This mod will not conflict with any other mod; and will only negatively effect your fox if the meshes are changed in a way that no longer supports vanilla textures (which is unlikely).


1.0 - Initial Release - 1K only
1.1 - Added 2K textures
2.0 - Recreated 1K textures from 2K textures (as the original 1K textures were mistakenly created from HD Vanilla textures)
2.1 - Added Bellyache's pelt textures to both Main Files - Only affects Vanilla Colours
2.2 - Added new Main File variant: Real Eyed Vanilla Fox retextures (1K and 2K), featuring narrower pupils


3.0 - Raccoon-like variant in 2K and with pelt textures

Thanks to wrig675 (aka Bellyache) for her great 1K textures,
and Mancer for the Normal Maps used for them and mine.


Would you like to start creating or modifying your own textures?

Well, there's a great program out there that can do this (and much more) called "GIMP" (GNU Image Manipulation Program), and it's completely free. I've created a detailed Steam Guide on how to open, save and export DDS textures in GIMP 2.8. And I can also answer your questions you may have about how to
 actually edit the textures themselves if you get stuck, as I know tutorials only go so far, and you often need to know (the name of) what you're looking for to find it online.

Also feel free to check my Steam Profile as I usually have a handful of games to give away :D