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Rarim ENB


Hello there,

another ENB! Rarim ENB is my most advanced ENB so far with a more unique style than the others. While Dark&Tender, Wallachei and Tronje ENB are more or less in the same concept, this ENB makes a huge stepp forward, at least in my opinion.

Rarim ENB is not cinematic as my older presets, instead it has a pretty neutral color palette.

Weather and Lighting Mods

I personally do not use weather&lightning mods at all, that is why this ENB only supports vanilla Lightning and Vivid Weathers. Keep in mind that a weather or a ligthning mod can have a huge impact on the visuals, feel free to test it tho!

Supported Weather&Lightning Mods:

- Vanilla Lighting
- Vivid Weathers

Untested Weather&Lightning Mods:

- Purity
- Relightning of Skyrim
- Realistic Lightning Overhaul

Note: Untested Mods are not incompatible. You just have to try it out for yourself. Work a bit!

Recommended Mods

Unbelievable Grass 2
Book of Silence
Enhanced Vanilla Trees
AOF Farmhouse/Mountains/Hair

Realistic Water + Watercolor for ENB
Quality Snow

Wall of Fame

wolfgrimdark for the ENB palette
Blackmaid for testing
my dog for helping me with interior lightning
Boris for the ENB-Series
Bethesda for Skyrim