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Adds storage containers to the house in the Noble Quarter for those who bought the furniture pre-set.

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Did you buy the furniture in your house in the noble quarter only to find that the storage options are crap/nonexistant? Problem solved. Also makes a few other changes.

I did not add these changes to the script that adds in the furniture so you'll probably see them in the empty house if you haven't filled it yet, this is really only for those who don't want to decorate the house themselves.

-added chests to crafting room
2 regular chests
1 scroll case
1 potion box
1 ingredient box
1 barrel
-added barrel to kitchen
-added 2 book cases right outside bedroom
-added 2 wardrobes to bedroom
-replaced the forge with a smelter
-added a tanning rack
-made the interior just a touch darker

May do something similar with the house in the marketplace if anyone requests, I don't have it ingame so didn't look at it right away. I will make it a separate file if I do.
I also might rework the trophy room by removing most if not all of the cases and placing mannequins and weapon racks instead