About this mod

I won't bother with adding pictures for background or hot file...

Permissions and credits
I've done Riften this time. There's only 50~ screenshotsb but I've fixed a lot more things. I just got tired of taking pointless screenshots. At this point the people who keep downloading my mods know what this fixes. Maybe I'll add a more comprehensive explanation once I finally fix all of Skyrim's cities and release it as a final version. But not today. Anyway, the actors (npcs) were clipping through the wood and fences once they leaned on them (animation) and I didn't even bother taking pictures of that. Anyway n2. Hope you enjoy. Peace.

For maximum compatibility I took these precautions:

No lights/light sources Duplicated/Deleted/Disabled.
No objects Duplicated/Deleted/Disabled.
No Nav mesh editing.
No Items/lights/Misc or FX effects, etc added.

Compatible with any mod out there as far as I know.

Realistic Lighting Overhaul on Nexus.
Enhanced Lights and FX on Nexus.
Enhanced Lighting for ENB on Nexus.
Enhanced Lighting for ENB on Nexus.
Any mod that doesn't edit interior cells.
Any mod that edits interior cells AS LONG AS IT LOADS AFTER this mod.
Weapon mods, NPC mods, combat mods, texture mods, mesh mods, race mods, etc etc the list goes on.

Contains the fixes from:
Unofficial Riverwood Interior Cell Fix &
                                         - Unofficial Riverwood Fix - Interior and Exterior Cells -

Use it as a complementary add-on to the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLEEP).