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Just a simple indicator to helps you estimate health bar percentage.

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A very small mod I made for myself just so I can estimate health bar percentage easier.
It's hard to gauge when it depletes from both side, seriously.

Annoyed me to death to the point that I resurrected myself to start learning how to mod Skyrim.
(This is my first mod ever by the way)

There're 2 versions, in case one dot isn't enough for you.

1) A Dot

- See that little white dot?

- And here's yours!

(I personally use this version, I like it simple and clean :D)


- Comes with THREE DOTS!!!

- Also a little more indicator for all 3 bars background

Although there's no dot on Magicka and Stamina. The way they deplete are...different, so it can be pretty confusing to edit these two.

- I don't know :^)
  This is just a simple modified [Interface/Exported/hudmenu.gfx] file, as long as it's not overwriting something it should be ok...I guess.

In case you want to install it manually
- Extract the file and choose the version you want
- Put the [Interface] folder in [Skyrim/Data]