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A Standalone version of MessiasMummo's Retexture's (2k) of the Archmage Robes.

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Change Log:
* 5/29/17 Fixed an issue where the Unenchanted Robes were not enchantable by the player.
* 11/30/16 Made Hoods independent from robes YAY!
* 11/30/16 Addressed an issue related to errors with original Archmage's Robes.
* 11/30/16 Fixed an issue which edited the 'base object', "NobleChestDrawers01", robes are now ONLY in Archmage's Quarters.
* 9/11/16 Fixed issues with Hoods not displaying on ALL variants.
* 9/11/16 Fixed an issue with the Archmage's normal robes not displaying textures on female characters.
* 9/11/16 Fixed an issue where the Archmage's Quaters had serious cell edits.  Not sure how this happened.

This is a standalone version of MessiasMummo's mod Archmage Robes Royal Retexture -19 colours-. All 19 are 2k resolution.  I chose to release this as a test of my ability to use the CK, and also because I liked the retextured versions by MessiasMummo's but had wished to see them as more user-friendly in game.  As a side note, this is my first mod released to the Nexus, and if there are any problems using this mod I would ask that users report them. 

* Skyrim V.
* Any mod that does not alter the interior of the Arch Mage's Quarters of the College of Winterhold.
* Any mod that does not alter the meshes or textures of the Archmage's Robes. 
- If you use mods like Archmage of Winterhold HD Retexture then you will have to overwrite my mod.
* Any mod that does not alter 'NobleChestDrawers01', there won't be a CTD or anything, just may disrupt loot and stuff manually placed by any other modder. Shouldn't be a likely problem, sorry this can't be avoided.
* Any mod that does not alter the inventory of the Radiant Rainment's shopkeeper (Yes that 'tudie' High Elf 'peach').  Any insight on avoiding this conflict is welcome.


The color variants are located in a drawer above the Tall Wardrobe on the right hand side of the bed in the Arch Mage's Quarters in the College of Winterhold.  Unenchanted versions can be purchased at Radiant Rainment in Solitude.


MessiasMummo - For making the original variants.
bgeforce - For giving me good feedback.
Bethesda  -  For making Skyrim
The Nexus - For allowing me to host my indulgences.