Hoodless Dragon Priest Mask - Dragonborn - Requiem by Dezeal
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Added: 29/08/2016 - 12:50AM
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First things first, if you're going to use this mod then please make sure you endorse Hoodless Dragon Priest Masks and Real Dragonpriest Masks since I made this mod using their files and ideas. Really the only thing original in my mod is the requiem tweaks.

So long story short, this mod will make it so you can wear the dragon priest masks without any hood, making it look awesome with mage robes. Given the nature of the masks, I've gone ahead with the style of Real Dragonpriest Masks and made the masks all circlets without armor, making them mage friendly. 

Much to my dismay however, the only hoodless mask mod that actually supported Dragonborn added a crafting feature to switch between the variants. While it's a good idea, I didn't like over-complicating things and so I took his hoodless mesh for the DLC masks, did some TES5Edit sorcery and combined it into my own version which was tweaked to go well with Requiem though Requiem is certainly not a requirement.

The Dragonborn Masks clip like crazy with the Archmage Robe when I tested it but oh well, take it or leave it, I sure as heck don't know how to fix that.

For obvious reasons, Dragonborn is a requirement and if you don't have Dragonborn then the second mod I linked at the start of this page is literally identical, it just won't have the Requiem flavor. 

I made this for me, I'm hoping others get a lot of good use out of it as well.

Just install it like any other mod, it's not too complicated.