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Serana - No Necromancy - Redone
REQUIRES: Dawnguard

This mod is another attempt to remove Serana's Necromancy spells, similar to the original Serana - No Necromancy mod (which has been said to not work) and the Serana Learns Soul Cairn Spells mod. To make up for the removed necromantic spells, I replaced them with other (non-fire-related) Conjuration and Destruction spells and perks. This was done by editing her Spells, Perks, and Script properties in her Actor record. Her Vampire Drain spells are untouched.

v2.0 does this via a script and should be compatible with other Serana-altering mods. However, this method does not effectively remove all necromantic spells from Serana so there will be a small chance that she will still use a necromantic spell.

  • Installation: Place files in your Skyrim Data folder. Activate in your load order. You can use LOOT to sort the load order.
  • v1.0 and v2.0 are separate versions and, while technically compatible, should not be used together as it would be redundant.

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