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This mod adds a complete respec system with configurable MCM to T3ndo's Perkus Maximus, and integrates this mod's functionality into the end of the Dragonborn DLC.

Permissions and credits

I had been using Perkus Maximus by T3nd0 for quite some time and absolutely love the work he's done, but was disappointed when I reached the "respec" reward at the end of the DLC. I have never modded before, so I took a crack at it. When I started to make some progress, I messaged T3nd0 and he was nice enough to give me permission to use his work as a baseline.

My goal was to create a fully functioning method of respec'ing while still using PerMa. This mod aims to *immersively* integrate it's functions into the world and keep with the original flavor T3ndo0 intended -- rather EXTEND the functionality of PerMa. The items added by this mod do cost a decent amount (if left at default values), but the intention is that these are items for use further down the road in your playthrough -- when both gold and Dragon Souls become an insignificant currency. This offers a new sink for them to be used in, keeping them relevant, and rewarding you with an entire new experience without the horrible hassle of creating a new character.

This mod still needs testing, so PLEASE, if you find anything wrong -- typos, effects, or just something weird, see the BUG REPORTING section below I will be updating this as much as you guys will use it!

  • Adds 19 "respec" potions to the game. One is a full reset potion, the other 18 are for individual tree resets. You can see some in the images above.
  • Court Wizards now offer these new additions, at a hefty price of course.
  • MCM to customize price for buying/using the respec potions.
  • The MCM was also created to give a little more insight to you on what PerMa is doing. I felt that it was difficult to keep track of all the things that were changing (making it difficult to debug this mod) so I made the MCM to just monitor values. I tried to give it some polish so that now all of you can see if something is not behaving as intended -- my hope is that we can use the MCM to debug this mod and PerMa to make the best experience possible
  • * SPOILER * Integrates respec options into the constellations on Miraak's Altar at the end of the Dragonborn DLC
  • Fixes a few bugs in PerMa that make some skills/perks not work/update correctly

You can only find the respec potions at the following merchants, namely Court Wizards:

  • Farengar in Whiterun
  • Nelacar in Winterhold
  • Wuunferth in Windhelm
  • Dravynea in Kynesgrove
  • Sybille Stentor in Solitude
  • Wylandriah in Riften
  • Madena in Dawnstar
  • Falion in Morthal
  • Calcelmo in Markarth

If you want anything added (like more MCM options, more global variable views in the MCM, want the potions to be boss drops, etc.) please make a post and I will work on it! All of your feedback is appreciated.

This mod requires the following:

  • SKSE 1.7+
  • Perkus Maximus 1.6.3*
  • SkyUI (for MCM support, I have not tested any other method with the menu)

* NOTE: This mod was created with the intention of using ALL PerMa modules (Mage, Warrior, and Thief). You won't get CTD's if one or more of them is disabled, but the vanilla perks/trees will not work with this mod, nor will the resets in Dragonborn. Minimal testing has been done without all three modules running.

  1. Install Perkus Maximus 1.6.3 at with ALL modules
  2. Install this mod using a mod manager of your choice (Mod Organizer is preferred because I've tested only with it)
  3. Run LOOT to sort -- as long as this is loaded after PerkusMaximus_Master.esp, it's fine
  4. (OPTIONAL) Run your usual patching rhythm (FNIS, DSR, PaMa, etc.)*

You can optionally add "PerMa Respec Extender.esp" to PaMa's blocklist, but I've run this mod through the patcher and it does not create any issues.

* It is not necessary to make a new PaMa patch after installing this mod. It makes no changes to any items used by PaMa, so this is entirely optional.

If you run this mod mid-save, it may take awhile for the MCM to be detected. If you see the "Items distributed" notification, the mod is loaded properly and you need to just wait for MCM to cooperate. You can try:

  • Wait at least 60 SECONDS (this is a bit longer than probably necessary) before deciding it is not loading
  • If the menu does not come up, open the console and type: setstage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1
  • Wait another 30-60 seconds
  • Try moving to another cell (or interior <--> exterior) and wait another 30 seconds

Simply remove this mod with your mod manager. If you are manually installing, remove:

  • PerMa Respec Extender.esp
  • PerMa Respec Extender.bsa

The only thing this mod will leave behind is quest properties added to the PerMa shared script quest container and mage studies perk quest fragments (necessary to function when installed). These will not harm your save, but if you are OCD about it, see the COMPLETE LIST OF MODIFICATIONS section and reset the changed quests. 

First and foremost, compatibility was kept in mind when creating this mod. If you want to see an in-depth explanation of every addition/change, see further below. As far as bug fixes to PerMa, these are (mostly) insignificant, but do make a difference on some skills/spells/perks.

This mod should be compatible with almost anything you are using (I have a 229 plug-in load order and I do not have any conflicts that are not intentional). However, I can't be prepared for everything, so any mods with the following qualities are probably going to conflict with this one:

  • Makes changes to original PerMa scripts (Patchus Maximus does not so this is fine)
  • Modifies PerMa's "shared container quest" (if you don't know what this is, don't worry)
  • Makes changes to the end of the Dragonborn DLC where you fight Miraak.

* SPECIAL NOTE: Apocalypse has a debug option in it's MCM that removes script-added items from it's affected leveled lists, so if you use that option (only in very rare circumstances should one use that feature) the items will be removed from the merchants.

The items are distributed through a script, so there is no issue with leveled lists/bashed patches.

Intentional conflicts include:

  • Scripts with PerMa
  • Quest properties with PerMa
  • Anything at Miraak's Altar in the Dragonborn DLC (activators, constellation texture, and script) -- this will also show as USLEEP/UDBP conflicts, these are intended

  • T3nd0 for creating Perkus Maximus, providing the source code. Thanks for letting me use your mod as a base for this one!
  • Gopher for providing source code with iHUD. I looked at how he handled certain MCM functions that I wanted to do. Thanks for giving out your source code with the mod!
  • EnaiSiaion for providing source code with Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim. I looked at how he handled loot distribution without editing leveled lists. Thanks for the ideas!

I've included a lot of monitoring tools, a la SkyTweak flavor. You can open the MCM at any time, and see every global/game setting that PerMa make changes to. The values I've monitored in the MCM are special because they are typically irreversible unless directly addressed. Other perks may make changes, but they are conditional and temporary changes. Please include the following information if you find ANY issues at all with this mod and I will try to fix it as soon as possible.
  • Perk(s) that is relating to the issue (like "____ prodigy perk is not giving me ____ perks")
  • Go to the MCM and find the related globals (it is broken down by tree and perk, so it should be easy to figure out; if you don't see something you are looking for, let me know)
  • Include if you are using the console or not to adjust perks (obviously my mod is trying to take out that necessity, but certain things may not be updated if the console is used)

If you're curious/nervous about the changes this mod makes, here is a complete list of every change (I am considering making this it's own article). These are all in addition to the extra stuff added in to distribute the potions and miscellaneous MCM related functionality.


  • Fixed several FormLists that did not properly account for every perk (by what I could see this was from updates and simply forgetting to put the new perk in the FormLists) -- without this the respec would leave about 15 perks not refunded
  • Added in GlobalValues to ensure all settings are being synced between quests, scripts, and the MCM

PerkusMaximus_Master.esp: Quests
  • xMAQuestRestoration
  • xMAQuestDestruction
  • xMAQuestIllusion
  • xMAQuestConjuration
  • xMAQuestAlteration
  • xMASharedScriptContainerQuest
  • All these quests have properties added to them for script changes. If you are nervous about leaving them after uninstalling on a save with my mod, open the console and use: resetquest (questname)

xMASharedScripts.psc (t
his is by far the largest change)
  • Fixed a bug where Stealth perk was not properly updating NPC view cones
  • Fixed a bug where Chameleon perk was not properly updating the light modifier for sneaking
  • Fixed an issue that could occur that allowed the player to choose more special perks (Focus/Mastery/Prodigy) than intended (I can't say this is a bug because I wasn't able to duplicate it, but I had the problem on a save that I didn't use the console on)
  • Added in over 20+ properties for use with new respec functions (there are quite a bit, so if you see a lot of yellow in TES5Edit don't be alarmed)
  • Added in a "spell" for visual feedback on using the respec potions
  • Added in about 500 lines of functions and miscellaneous maintenance code related to counting/refunding perks, updating global values, and communicating with the MCM -- I am considering moving this to another script and just using it as a helper script, but I wanted to get the mod working first.

  • Fixed a bug where Mastery: Warforged was not registering as a mastery perk


  • Added in a conditional check on all "Studies: ___" perks to make sure a random spell was not given to the player yet (if this is not done, one could continually respec and take a Studies perk to get spells indefinitely)


  • Constellation activators have their labels changed to reflect PerMa trees (ie. Wayfarer, Dexterty, Light Weaponry, etc.)
  • All "refund" messages are changed to interface with MCM options and reflect PerMa trees

  • Everything is left untouched from the USLEEP script EXCEPT the constellation activator function. This function was modified to interface with the MCM options and the PerMa shared scripts quest container to keep all settings in sync