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This mod makes trolls dangerous.

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     This mod sprouted from my desire for a more challenging experience when fighting trolls. I found that even after installing 100+ mods (including difficulty-raising combat mods), trolls were still far too weak to be considered a challenge. There are a few mods on the nexus that alter the stats of trolls but none of them did so to my personal taste, so I took it upon myself.

1. Makes trolls slightly larger (1.15x size for cave trolls and 1.25x size for frost trolls). This feature is purely cosmetic. 
2. Makes trolls tougher by boosting their health and stamina by a significant amount. (Frost trolls are now even tougher than cave trolls).
3. Includes an optional .esp that raises the value of troll skulls from 5 to 25 gold, because a trophy should be worth more than a freaking apple. 
4. DOES NOT edit anything other than the stats of the troll race, so it should be compatible with all mods that don't do that. Playtested for compatibility with the aforementioned 100+ mods and found no issues. (Although I did get my ass kicked once or twice :P).