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A series of patches to expand the use of the Maintainable Spells mod by Phalanks ( Currently, there are patches for the current Frostfall 3.x by Chesko, Forgotten Magic Redone by 3JLou and Sward66, Repel Rain by Piotrmil, and the Floating Torch Spell by bL3azy.

Permissions and credits

This is simply a set of compatibility patches for magic mods that I use frequently.  The Maintainable Spells mod by Phalanks provides a means to truly "fire and forget" certain spells.  The mod allows your character to cast a spell and then automatically maintain that spell at the cost of two-thirds of the casting cost to your Magicka.  I felt this was more immersive as it allows for routine spells that should be cast and then maintained to function that way.  It has been a while since Phalanks updated the mod, so with his permission, I took it upon myself to create a compatibility patch that adds spells from the updated FrostFall and a couple other mods that I like.  

Phalanks did have a couple of patches (one for the older Frostfall and then one for Forgotten Magic Redone).  My patch takes a different approach that does not depend on a script.  Given how script heavy I run, this was an advantage to me.  For any others interested in trying out this capability, I think you would also appreciate it.  I have created standalone patches for each of the additional magic mods and then a single all in one patch if you happen to use them all.

If you have a favorite magic mod that provides a spell or spells that you want to have maintainable, feel free to send me a PM.

Spells Added:

Armor Spells
  • Frostfall - Fox, Wolf, and Bear
  • Forgotten Magic Redone - Divine, Frost, and Storm
Cloak Spells
  • Frostfall - Lesser and Greater Bound Cloak
  • Forgotten Magic - Phantom Shroud
Normal Spells
  • Frostfall - Soothe, Bask, and Revel
  • Forgotten Magic Redone - Salamander Touch
  • Repel Rain - Air Bubble, Rain Repel (Fire and Forget in Alteration, Conjuration, and Illusion)
  • Floating Torch - Floating Torch


Base Requirements:

Spell Mod Requirements:

Manual installation, simply drop the files into your Skyrim data directory.  If you are installing with a mod manager, it should work normally.  

If you like this mod, please be sure to endorse the original Maintainable Spells.


phalanks for a handy magic gameplay mod
Chesko for the entire survival mod series
3JIou and sward66 for Forgotten Magic Redone
piotrmil for a handy magic umbrella
bL3azy for a magical light that isn't as harsh on my eyes