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Tonns of my videos were demonetized on Youtube - the only source of income I now have. That raises a huge threat on my work as a part of Skyrim modding community. But there's a way to help me keep running. Watch this short video. Thank you.

Ultimate Guide for MAGES released!
Have you ever thought:
"My game is boring!"
"I've finished all the DLCs, what's next?"
"The game should be more realistic."
"I want new game expirience and challenges."
Search no more! Watch, read, choose, download, enjoy! :)
Also check graphics guide here.
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About this guide:
This is a second guide after Graphics one. Firstly I just wanted to share my combat mods loard order for immersive and challenging playthrough, but then, as well as with Graphics guide I decided to create a wide list of Gameplay & Immersion mods for you guys, alongside with patches/fixes list and some my personal comments. This consists of three parts - Expansion, Gameplay and Immersion. Expansion contains list of mods that add new lands/dungeons/quests and so on. Gameplay part is for magic/spells/perks/combat and many other mods that affect your gameplay variety and difficulty. Immersion part contains mods that makes your playthrough more atmospheric and realistic in overall. 

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I don't give a permission to re-upload this to other sites by any other person, if you like this guide and want to share it please just add a link to this thread instead or link the YT video.

Guide features:

  • Wide list of Gameplay and Immersion mods, more than 200 in total. 
  • Personal notes about mods.
  • Patches/fixes list for better compatibility.
  • My personal recommendations for making combination of combat/AI/magic/perk mods for interesting and challenging game
  • Constant updates and support :)
Gameplay Demonstration:

Ravengate is out!

    == FAQ ==

Q: What are your PC specs?
A:Intel i5 6600k, GTX 980 4GB, 16GB RAM, 1920x1080 Full HD monitor, Windows 7.

Q: What is that armor and greatsword at first screenshot and video preview?
A: Resplendent Armor and Greatsword

Q: I got infinite loading screen/my game crashes
A: Please read "How to start modding/stability section" carefully. Read it and install all the things needed before start modding.

Q: That doesn't help!
A: Trust me, if you have read everything carefully and installed, it will solve all your problems in 99% of cases. If not, feel free to ask in comments, I'll do my best to help you :)

Q: Where are you from? A few words about you?
A: Ukraine. 27 years old. Gamer, gym addict. Web-developer in past, fitness trainer and nutritionist now.

Q: Would you expand this guide and add this/that?
A: Sure! I'll do my best to expand it as much as possible to save your time guys :)

Q: Guide page is updated often, but .txt file is only one time in a few days, how can I see the actual changelog?
A: I add mods and fix text errors few times per day, so it's obvious that it would be a bad idea to upload new file 10 times per day. Instead of this, I did 1 simple thing - all the mods added to the guide, but still not included in the guide .txt file will be marked with red-colored "==NEW==" sign. Hope it helps :)

Q: Why not included this/that mod?
A: I care about your game stability guys :) If I didn't include some mods that means on of 2 reasons: 1) I'm just a human and I'm not able to know about absolutely all great mods, that's why I'll update the guide 2) These mods can cause instability/crashes/save bloats and so on. Sure, if you like some mods that are out of this list you're absolutely free to use them, just be sure to check this link. I just made this list in overall view that your mod list will be big, that's why usage of "dangerous" mods is pretty...dangerous :)

Q: Can you just upload your Skyrim folder with all your mods somewhere so I can just download it and not to choose and install mods one by one?
A: No. Just no, sorry. The reason:
I can't do this unfortunately as many mods from the list are Nexus-exslusive and mod authors didn't give a permission to re-upload their works somewhere. I respect their work.
And also trust me - when you're making your mod setup by yourself the result will be way better because most of mods are absolutely matter of taste.


1) Download and install mod manager.

Choose between Nexus Mod Manager and Mod Organizer. Both of them are awesome. I personally use NMM. Almost all mods can (and should) be installed via mod manager. The guide contains notices when you'll need to install some mod/ part of mod manually.

2) Download and install SKSE. If you allready have it - great, if no - install it. It's obligatory.
SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender) is must-have for playing modded Skyrim. Most of all popular gameplay mods need it to be installed. Also, almost all memory/stability tweaks and fixes require it. Install it to your Skyrim root directory (not the data folder), where your TESV.exe is. Important! From this time, you should launch and play your Skyrim only using SKSE.exe. Skyrim launcher will be used only for disabling/enabling mods (but this also can be done via mod manager). Most gameplay mods require SKSE.

3) Download and install SkyUI. Most of gameplay mods require SKSE and SkyUI. Also install iHUD.

4) Go to Speed and Stability Guide page. Download and install SKSE.ini from it's optional files (this can be done by mod manager).
Important! Even if you don't use the ENB, you still need to install it.

5) Download and install LOOT.
LOOT is a must-have tool if you planning to have many mods. It's very easy to install and use.
His most basic and important function is mod sorting. Many mods should be loaded in strict load order. This mod should be loaded before that mod, but after that, and so on. LOOT makes miracles! You can automatically sort all your mods properly by just clicking button 2 times. Sometimes (it happens rare, so mostly you won't to think about it) some mods have direct instructions about how they should be loaded, in this case it's also easy to sort them manually using it. Also, LOOT shows you all you need to know about your mods instlalled - errors, missing records, incompatibility etc. If something is not right - it will let you know and it will advise you. Actually, you'll not need to read and lean more than this to use it, but if something is unclear or you want to look at very in-depth guide, check this awesome Gopher's video. Use LOOT sorting  each time after you've installed a few mods.

6) Download TES5edit.
It's an awesome tool for cleaning your mods. Mods may contain "dirty" records and some other issues. And when you will have hundreds of mods, that could be a problem and cause crashed. This step and tools usage are not obligatory, but strongly recommended. Don't be afraid of it, it's not so hard to use as it may look. Check this one awesome video guide by Gopher. Also there are a lot of info and videos at it's Nexus page.

7) Install Crash Fixes. It's obligatory.
It's new, constantly updated and just criminally underrated SKSE plugin! It's light-weight, one-click to install (using mod manager) and it really works great. You'll notice faster loading and zero or almost zero crashes. Also it replace SSMSE/SKSE memory patch and work much better and more easy to configure. After you installed it via mod manager, do the next:
1) Go to /data/SKSE/plugins/CrashFixPlugin.ini and open it with any text redactor (notepad for example).
2) Install THIS ONE. Download, unzip and place D3DX9_42 to your Skyrim folder (where your TESV.exe is, not in the /data folder).
3) Find and set UseOSAllocators to 1 (UseOSAllocators=1)
4) Find and set CustomMemoryBlock to 1 (CustomMemoryBlock=1)
5) Find and set MemoryInfoConsole to 1 (MemoryInfoConsole=1)
6) Launch Skyrim and open console "~" button.
7) Look on maximum memory block load. If it's 90% or higher - exit game and find CustomMemoryBlockTotalSizeMb value. Set it a bit higher (for example, if it was 110, set it to 120), save .ini files, launch Skyrim and check memory block load again. Do this until maximum load won't be higher that 85-90% (check this in populated towns or combat).

8) Install USLEEP and Bug Fixes.

9) Install PapyrusUtil - Modders Scripting Utility Functions.

10) Install Alternate Start - Live Another Life or Skyrim Unbound.
Why you need this? These mods provide wide amount of alternative starts the game for those who do not wish to go through the lengthy intro sequence at Helgen. The thing is that vanilla start (scene in Helgen) is VERY heavy-scripted. And when you will install let's say, 200+ gameplay mods and start a new game, your Skyrim will be very heavy overloaded. And there's very high chance that your came will crash, even if it's absolutely stable. And now these mods save the day! You can just skip this heavy-scripted scene and start anywhere you like. Besides, it has a really wide amount of alternative start, great for roleplay. I personally advise to use first one, but it's absolutely up to you.


11) Read this article. This is not obligatory, but it works and it's very useful.
IMPORTANT! Use its settings only if you're 100% understand what you're doing. If you're very new to .ini files tweaking, don't use it. It's absolutely optional. Messing with these values is not a joke. Once again, If you think something is unclear for you, don't use it. And if you'll use it, don't use the .dll files describied in it, only "play" with Skyrim.ini settings preferably with Ugrids=5 (original value).

12) Download Save game script cleaner. YOU DON'T NEED TO USE IT UNTIL THE NEXT CONDITIONS:
This is not obligatory. If you will not uninstall scripted mods in the middle of playthrough, you don't need it. If you uninstall mods that contain scripts in the middle of playthrough and then save game, so called "orphan scripts" will be still in your save file even mods with that scripts are already gone. This can cause crashes. It's just a save cleaner if your save is really near to dead cause of orphan scripts.

Before you start, be sure to read these tips:

Important tip #1: Installing order mostly doesn't matter, but the load order matters. Be sure to use LOOT sorting each time after installed a few gameplay mods and read mod description page carefully - many gameplay mods usually affect the same things in game so thye should be loaded in a strict order to work properly.

Important tip #2: This list doesn't mean you need to install absolutely all the mods. Choose mods you like the most,test them and then install in your playthrough. When you want to test a mod - do this. Just keep in mind that uninstalling scripted mods in the middle of playthrough is not recommended because scripts can still be in your savefile even after mod was deleted. This can cause save to be broken. Test the mod, just be sure to NOT overwrite your main save file. Make another save, test mod using it.

Important tip #3: Do not overload your game with new lands/quest mods. Always read mod description page attentively. Some of these mods can affect same location, add new items/perks/skills and so on, so you need to be aware of this. Mods amount is huge and mod authors are just not able to provide information about absolutely all mods compatibility. The best idea would be to pick mods you like the most, read their description pages carefully and then install them if you understand that there're no potential conflicts. P.S. "conflict" doesn't means crashes, but you may face some quest/cells bugs. Just always read the description carefully and you'll be fine :) Dungeons mods should be technically compatible with everything, but sometimes these mods can share same exterios that lead to mods cell. Usually compatibility patches for popular mods are available in this case.

Congrats, you're ready now. Let's begin!


New lands/locations, quests and adverntures, new dungeons/cells and so on.
Many of theese mods are really big and complex and can be considered as DLC-sized. They can give you dozens of amazing playthrough hours no worse than official Skyrim DLCs.

TOP-1 new lands mod at Nexus. And it's absolutely deservedly. Huge new land. Dozens of gameplay hours. Interesting and voiced questline. Amazing soundtracks, new spells/shouts and more!
Falskaar - Climates of Tamriel patch
Falskaar Wildlife add-on
Training Dummies and Targets - Falskaar Edition
Typo Patch - Falskaar
The Notice Board - Falskaar
Falskaar - Realistic Needs and Diseases patch

Anoter amazing and well-known DLC-sized mod with dozens hours of great gameplay and storyline related with dragon hunt...but it's only a beginning. The only thing is mod author deleleted it due to personal reasons so you wouldn't find it on Nexus, BUT mod author said that he doesn't mind if people will share this mod in private, so you can just find anyone who has it and as to send yo uthe files. P.S. yes, you can pm me at Nexus and I'll gladly send you the mod. P.P.S. I will be even more happy if you will check out my YT channel for useful Skyrim videos and more :3
Wyrmstooth - Tweaks and Enhancements
RND Wyrmstooth Patch
Wiseman303's Flora Fixes for Wyrmstooth (install it AFTER both Wyrmstooth and Wiseman303's Flora Fixes (if you use it)).

Summerset Isle
Amazing DLC-sized mod that gives us a great adventure in the land of Altmer. Fully voiced. Unique items, dozens of towns, cities & dungeons. New bosses and minibosses. Note: read compatibility section carefully. Also be sure to download and install patch for Verdant if you use it. Uninstall patch when you come back to Skyrim.
Summerset Isle - Merged Patches it only doesn't contains RND patch, take it from here.

Amazing new land mod inspired by Dark/Demon Souls series. Atmospheric, dark location, very detailed and interesting to explore. New creepy enemies, tough bosses and powerful weapons are waiting. For those who already have it - check out mod page for the new version.
Typo Patch - Darkend

Helgen Reborn
Awesome mod for rebuilding Helgen.Fully voiced questline, great story.New dungeons, 3 new armor sets, private 
tower player home. Interactive display room that transforms as you play the game.

Moonpath to Elsweyr
Amazing DLC-sized tropical/desert mod that give player a chance to travel into the lands of Elsweyr to explore, survive and enjoy amazing playthrough. It contains dozens of unique locations, new enemies, items, custom follower and a player home. Awesome and absolutely must-play mod.
Typo Patch - Moonpath to Elsweyr
Moonpath to Elsweyr - Improved

Ever wanted to be real necromancer in Skyrim? This mod is for you then! Fully voiced, interesting questline + custom soundtrack. 3 new dungeons. 2 necromancer lairs. New spells and powers. Become a fear. Become a Lich!
Undeath Invisible Scrye Fix
Undeath Immersive Lichdom V3
Undeath Immersive Lichdom Perma and Ordinator Perktree Patch
Path of Sorcery - Undeath Immersive Lichdom Perktree patch

The Dark Brotherhood Resurrection
Amazing Dark Brotherhood expansion mod. 2 new custom followers. 22 new quests. 6 new words of power. 3 new spells, 2 new dungeons, new items and treasures. And of course, the biggest feature - 6 new death contracts. Kill the most powerful people of Skyrim!
If you will face bug that all dragon became invulnerable, use this fix.

Moon and Star
Amazing detective story. Interesting questline, 4 side quests, 9 voiced NPCs. New town, weapons and dungeons with new boss fights. Ingame aftermath events that take place after the main quest has been completed. Your actions have consequences!
Moon and Star - RS Children Patch

The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal
Amazing DLC-sized mod for all who like thief gameplay. Beautiful landscapes, amazing questline, dozens of traps and puzzles and finally an uiltimate prize - Gray Cowl of Nocturnal (Mask of Gray Fox).
Gray Cowl of Nocturnal Alikr Flora Overhaul
Al-Janna Player Home and Getaway
Footprints for The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal
Typo Patch - The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

The Forgotten City
Amazing, dynamic, incredibly detailed! Beautiful, intricately detailed new city to explore. Non-linear story with several endings. Amazing orchestral soundtrack, big community of fully-voicedNPC with backstories. Discover secrets, mysteries, and relics that are thousands of years old. Enjoy!

Civil War Overhaul
Just an amazing mod that overhauls CW in Skyrim completely. Lot of erased content restored, better AI, faction battles, dynamic storyline - now you CAN lose a battle and war scenario in overall will be changed. New soldier types, better commanders, and much, much more! As some people may know, this mod was in ‘dangerous mod list’, but the current version is much more stable. It still have bugs, but usually not game-breaking. I advice you to play with this mod at least one time to see how amazing CW can be. Just remember next things: 1) This mod needs a new game. No other variants. Only a new game. 2) Don’t delete it in the middle of playthrough. 3) Read the mod description attentively.
Requiem - Civil War Overhaul Patch

The Notice Board
Great immersion mod. Radiant quest overhaul and framework. This mod adds new and alternative radiant (and side) quests. It was inspired from other good games like The Witcher which make use of notice boards in their gameplay. There are two kinds of notice boards:
•    Quest notes Notice board  – always on a pole with and candles
•    Messages Notice board – it’s the one without the pole These notice boards can be found ouside inns in every town of Skyrim. A patch for Raven Rock in Solstheim is also available.
The Notice Board Redefined - New Meshes and Textures
Notice Board - Dragonborn DLC - Better Solstheim Quests

Legacy of the Dragonborn (Dragonborn Gallery)
This mod is something unique. Something incredible. It will make you to look at your playthrough from the absolute different view. This mod will inspire you to play Skyrim again and again. Mod features: Museum with 2263 displays, over 100 exploration quests. You can save your museum progress across multiple playthroughs. Displays of visited doomstones, custom paintings, basement store, MCM menu and (yes!) items from different mods support. 15 new dungeons, new guild - explorers guild, transmutation forge. This is only a part of full features list. Visit mod page to read more and of course to try it :)
Note: this mod already has Moonpath to Elsweyr included.
Legacy of The Dragonborn Patch Central

The Wheels of Lull
Awesome questline with a lot of secrets an puzzles, related with TES lore. Five dungeons within the main quest, complete with fleshed out boss battles, and massive, unique locations. A new town, complete with extensive characters. 7 side quests, 10 new weapons, new armors and even a new custom race.

Clockwork (Clockwork Castle)
A fresh and brilliant quest mod. It was developed about 4 years, and the time spent is totally worth. Amazingly detailed cells design, interesting quests with unique creatures involved. Almost DLC-sized hourney that will you will definitely like!

Amazing and atmospheric arena/quest mod with challenging bossfights and thrilling characters backstories!

Agent of Righteous Might
Fully voiced, lore-friendly questline. Play as Vigilant of Stendarr. 16 new quests, 5 new dungeons, 25 voices NPCs. Fight a dangerous cult and bring glory to Stendarr!
Agent of Righteous Might - Tweaks and Enhancements

Rigmor of Bruma
Awesome ang huge, DLC-sized mod. It’s really unique - it’s story is not about Dragonborn, but really about Rigmor. Become her friend, protector or even go through a love story. Amazing voice actors, great amount of NPCs, 18 quests. Amazing journey awaits!
Requiem - Rigmor Patch

The Oblivion Realms Serie - The Gate of Solitude
The Oblivion Realms Serie - Morthal Pain
Original mod series that bring planes of Oblivion to Skyrim. Enter the gates and face hordes of dremoras and daedras in the lands of Oblivion. Enemies in this mod are pretty hard as well as in great numbers so your character needs to be very god prepared for this challenge. Also check files section to choose difficulty patch if playthrough is too hard/easy for you.

Beyond Reach
Huge area with the span of ~3 Skyrim Holds, rich detailed. New factions - Arnima, Evermore, The Witchmen, Orsinium's Sons, Dragonstar Mercenaries, The Exiles and The Afflicted. Voiced main quest with backstories as wel as 28 side quests, news spells, armors & weapons, 25 new dungeons.
Beyond Reach - Tweaks and Enhancements

Became avigilant of Stendarr and go through an amazing dark story. This mod is just fantastic, inspired by Dark Souls series. Amazing dark and creepy locations, hordes of new reatures, giant unique bosses. New unique weapons, rings, lanterns and so on. The only thing is original mod is japanese, but there are links to English and other tralnslations. This mod is absolutely worth to try!
If you like this mod, track his another very promising project:

Apotheosis - Lifeless Vaults
Another wesome mod inspired by Dark Souls. Winner of ‘boss battles’ competition at Reddit. Amazingly detailed cells with 5 giant and very hard boss fights that you’ll remember for sure for a long time. If you’re looking for new challenges - try this mod for sure! Also this mod mod is only a ‘preview’ of huge incoming ‘Apotheosis’ mod that would be released in autumn.

Death Mountain and Death Mountain 2
In this mod you’ll need to pass through castle territory and the castle itself, beautifully designed. Study the history of Death Mountain, learn new spells and shouts in order to defeat hordes of enemies and the final dragon bosses. This mod difficulty is really hard so there are some options for difficulty.

Become a Skooma Drug Lord - Skooming Skyrim
Ever wanted to be a drug lord in Skyrim? Try this :) A fully functional scooma lab. Quests to improve your skooming skills and influence. The ability to grow Moon Sugar and thus your own supply of the all important moon sugar. The ability to sell skoom on the streets by talking to NPCs and some more features.

Blood of the Nord
Its a mid-sized quest mod that serves as the opening chapter in a series of plugins that explore the aftermath of Stormcloak victory, including the inevitable war with the Aldmeri Dominion. - Over 500 lines of dialogue - One new weapon - Includes several new dungeons and small worldspaces - The main quest provides roughly 2 hours of gameplay.

Invasion of Skyrim - Grand Admiral Thrawn
Awesome quest mod related with new race arrived in Skyrim. 15+ armor sets, a unique "quest shell-system" that enables dozens of radiant quests pertaining to the mod  to be active at a time, 26+ enchantments, 220+ NPCs, both enemy and ally. Enemies who can cripple you in a number of ways if your combat skills are poor. Enemies are tough, veterans, and skileld combatants. 2+ Wordlspaces, 15+ radian enabled locations, 2player bases, unique classes and combat AI for every character, many scenes and interactions. Travelling merchants, nasty assassins and much more. A player ranking system among the Resistance. Over a thousand handpicked lines of dialogue that plays both in combatm from enemies and followers, and much more.

Pirates of Skyrim - The Northern Cardinal under the Black Flag
Ever want to be a pirate? Search no more! Didn’t want? Try it whatever :) Just a brilliant mod. Treasure hunting, naval battles, unique loot, team morale system,ship player home and much more! This mod brings you defenitely unique expirience.

The Azure Tree
Great exploration mod. Beautiful design. 5+ Dungeons. New Locations. New Content. Lots of loot. 5-7 Hours of Exploration. You’ll need to explore everything by yourself without quests - so if you like such a challenge, this mod is for you.

Teldryn Serious - A Quest Mod about Teldryn Sero
Amazing small quest mod, absolutely lore-friendly, feels like initial part of the game.

The Elder Scrolls V MIDDLE-EARTH -Lord of the Rings-
This mod adds a few new regions of JRR Tolkien's Middle-earth to the game. There are Moria, Mirkwood, Lothlorien and Rohan. This mod is not lore-friendly but it’s just stunning designed and may be an amazing land to explore for all LOTR fans.

Middle Earth The Shire Village of Bree Hobbit Hole
Another beautiful new land mod inspired by Hobbit/LOTR.

Shard of Oblivion WIP
This is a WIP (work in progress) mod that adds lands of Oblivion to Skyrim. It’s just amazingly detailed, and populated with new enemies, giving you a real feeling of being in Oblivion.

Shadow of Morrowind
Another amazing WIP mod. The goal is to create a lore friendly 4E Morrowind.

Sulfur and Fire- Trial of Mehrunes Dagon
Amazing new land mod, inspired by Oblivion. Complete the challenge of Mehrunes Dagon!

The Haven From The Cold And Dark
Beautiful new land mod that adds a set of Green Bosmer islands that are located between the Summerset Isles and Hammerfell. Player home, many shops and vendors, bath house and inn, many NPCs and guards. Working map and LOD and many beautiful places to explore/take screenshots.

The Dreamborne Isles (Alpha)
Amazingly detailed new land mod. Beautiful for exploration and screenshots.

Hidden Hideouts of Skyrim
Very immersive mod. It adds 21 new areas pread across Skyrim. You can use all of them as a hideout/player home. Mod also offers DLC/non DLC as well as modular versions.

SeaPoint Settlement
Awesome mod that adds new friendly location at the north-west coast part of Skyrim. Beautiful design, a lot of containers, new recipes, possibility to gain villagers favour, carriage system, new named horse and some more other features.

Civil War-Destroyed Villages
This mod ads destroyed Villages all around Skyrim for better Civil War immersion.

Underground Temple of Miraak
Amazingly detailed location that can be used as a player home. New cultist set, most of crafting stations, beds, storages, mannequins and weapon racks. And of course statue of Miraak :)

Skyrim Sewers 4
Mod adds an accessible sewers system to the town of Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm and Markarth and also small sewage tunnels to Fort Sungard and Greenwall + new custom weapons and unique books.
Skyrim Sewers Undeath Solitude Entrance Patch

Molag Bal's Inferno
Winner of Reddit Skyrim dungeon competition. Amazing, exciting, atmospheric! Mod is a multi-level dungeon mod that takes place in a hellish Daedric realm, featuring 8 new dungeons complete with enemies, bosses, special rewards, and an overarching quest.

The Lost Wonders of Mzark
Amazingly atmospheric quest/dungeon mod for those who prefer a more puzzle-oriented game. The enemies you encounter within must be disposed of in careful ways, and you'll find more than just fights awaiting you in the depths of Mzarnumez. - 4 new fully voiced quests. - Huge, non-linear dungeon. - New enemies, weapons and spells. - New robe sets and special secret artifact.

Windcallers Pass
Great dungeon mod. It’s less fighting, more about exploring and finding best way to go through and this is its best feature.

The Secret of Dragonhead
Amazing, dark, greatly designed and challenging. Dungeon mod from famous mod author. Absolutely must-play!

The‘Hall of the Dead’. Beautiful and challenging dungeon mod. Immersive puzzles, a lot of enemies and tough custom bosses will give you an amazing time of playthrough.

Forgotten Dungeons
Mod 25 new radiant-quest enabled dungeons in Skyrim. Great design, tonns of enemies. All sizes - from little to huge. This mod will give you dozens of hours to explore. I personally recommend it for more extensive game.

The Rabbit Hole
It’s just amazing and super-unique dungeon mod! In my opinion it’s criminally underrated and absolutey must-play. Mod adds dungeon system, a ‘rabbit hole’ with 50!! levels with progressing difficulty. Also many secrets and hidden rooms to discover. Have fun!

‘Inferno’ trilogy:
First part
Second part
Third part
3 amazing mods inspired by Dark Souls. Interesting storylinem ‘hellish’ cells, giantic and hard bosses. You’ll remember this journey for sure!

Skyrim Underground
One of the most amazing dungeon mod I ever played! An underground dungeon system with currently  24 large and 10 small cells. Tunnels are connecting different Skyrim cities. Also constantly updated. Amazing design, dark atmosphere, tonns of new, creepy creatures to fight. In my opinion, this mod is absolutely must-have.

Immersive Dungeons (Episode1)
Mod adds 7 new dungeons with great design to explore and fight.

VERY dark. VERY creepy. Full of enemies. Dungeon mod with 12 stages. This mod may even scare someone, it’s not for everyone. But if you like such kind of creepy playthrough - try it for sure!

Solstheim Dungeon Pack
Simple, but great dungeon mod. Designed especially for Solstheim. Aadds 6 new dungeons to diversify your solstheim exploration expirience.

Isle of Ashes
Awesome and very original mod. Features: Great design. Complicated puzzles to solve and secrets to find. Different greatly designed cells, enemies and bosses. Really unique atmosphere.
It’s main feature is there are no quests or markers here. You need to find journals, you need to read, you need to think. Playthrough is very rewarding, in the meaning of exploring first of all.

Crater of Exile for Vanilla and Requiem
Another awesome mod from the same author. Hardcore difficulty and hellish-styled locations!

Combat & stealth, perks & spells, AI & animations, creatures & factions. Different overhauls and improvements - everything that affects your game variety and difficulty.

Before installing the rest, let's do this. Don't be afraid. Do this. Now :) Remember one main rule: NEVER overwrite XPMSE. These pack of mods will make your character movement and animations look amazing, Each movement will be much more smoother and you'll be able to add any type of custom body animation.

Realistic Ragdolls and Force
This mod does actually what it named. Reduces the extra force applied on ragdolls to a more reasonable level and replaces ragdolls so that they bend and twist realistically and fall at a faster velocity. Increase friction to fix ice-like ragdoll sliding. Install ‘Realistic Force’ variant.

Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS
Mod for custom animation. Absolutely must-have. Required for most of animation mods. Basic installation: - Install FNIS Behavior V6_3 - Install Creature Pack V5_3 (optional,  necessary for creature animation mods) - Install FNIS Idle Spells V5_0_1 -- ADD-ON for the spells (optional, necessary for the spells) - Good, you’ll need to do only 1 move to finish it, but it will be later.

Immersive Animations
The most popular animation mod at Nexus. Installation is simple. Just do it :)

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE
The one and only. King of skeleton mods. Install with mod manager. Everything is simple, I also strongly recommend to NOT install anything you are not aware of. Just do the basic installation and you’ll be fine. Do NOT overwrite XPMSE after this. Never.

Dual Sheath Redux
Why can’t you see your left-hand weapon on you? Why can’t you have shield on back? Why can’t you see your staves on you? Think no more! Install this! Just install the mod and advised mesh packs. Then run the installed Dual Sheath Redux Patch.jar located in Data/SkyProc Patchers/Dual Sheath Redux Patch Click ‘patch’. Activate mod in Skyrim Launcher/mod manager. Use patcher each time you install new armor/weapon mod.

A Lot of Dual Sheath Redux Patches
Tonns of DSR patches for many armor/weapon mods.

FNIS PCEA2 - Player Exclusive Animations (dynamic)
With this amazing mod you can simply switch between different animations for your character via MCM menu. Also it already has several amazing animation mods included. Just install and have fun!

Realistic Animation Project - Movement
Just an amazing and super-realistic movement animation mod.

Realistic Animation Project - Idles
Idles animation mod from the same author

Now go to Data/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users and start GenerateFNISforUsers.exe. Be sure to check "skeleton arm fix" and "gender specific animation" options as well as options for any other mod you have (only if you have them!).
Run it, wait a few sedonds and that's it - you did it! NOTE: run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe each time you have installed or removed any FNIS-related mod.

Skyrim Immersive Creatures
Huge. Amazing. Immersive. Mod addz sozens of creatures to Skyrim. New monsters, factions battles, bosses and hundreds of encounters. All these things can be easily configured in the MCM menu. A must-have mod. Also be sure to install THIS AWESOME BUGFIX PATCH FOR IT==NEW== 

SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators
Best animal overhaul mod even existed. Immersive and lore-friendly. It gives animals amazingly improved AI - so giving you amazing new expirience. Haven’t asked yourself why wolf packs never hunted the mammoth? Or why mammoth attack don’t at least knockback you or why animals are never scared by dragons? Think no more. Install and have fun :)
SkyTEST Integration Project

Deadly Dragons
Most popular dragons mod at Nexus. Adds 14 new dragons and unique skills to them. Adds amazing dragon ‘assault’ system. Via MCM menu you can configure dragons stats - health, damage and much more. Must-have one. Also install this small, but amazing patch that fixes some bugs in mod.

Diverse Dragons Collection 2.0
Amazing mod that adds 23 new beautiful dragons to game. Greatly configurable MCM menu. Compatible with all dragon mods. My personal recommendation - it’s a great addition for other dragons mods.

Chaos Dragons
Mod adds 45 new unique dragons to game. It’s similar to Deadly Dragons, but much less lore-friendly. It’s compatible with Dragon Combat Overhaul and Ultimate Dragons BUT not compatible with Deadly Dragons itself so you’ll need to choose.

OBIS - Organized Bandits In Skyrim
Definitely best bandits mod. It adds amazing variety of bandits (about 2500!! in total), dozens of bandit factions. Bandits are groupped, positioned, have unique skills and improved AI. There are also optional plugins, for example, plugin that will add bandit raids around the towns and villages. My personal recommendation.

Mod adds visual overhaul for OBIS bandits - outfits, unique items and much more.

One With Nature - Dynamic Animals and Creatures
This awesome mod gives you ability to configure how different types of animalswill act related to character - allied, cowardly, friendly of defensive.

Immersive Horses
Amazing and very immersive mod that offers a big improvement to vanilla horses system. Many new horses types, improved and balanced horses abilities, dozens of management options and (finally!) mounted spell casting. It's also much more new and stable than its predecessor, "Convinient Horses".

The Four Horses of the Apocalypse
Amazing mod that adds 4 "dark" mounts, with unique appearance and abilities, perfect for any dark type of character - necromancer, assassin etc. And for anyone else too :)

Beasts of Tamriel
Awesome new standalone mod that adds dozens of new creatures, mostly lore-friendly. If you’re looking for even more expansion of your creatures variety, try it!

Revenge Of the Enemies 2016
Absolutely amazing and must-have mod for enemies. My personal recommendation. It improves enemis AI, scales ebemies level with yours, give unique skills to each enemy type, gives them strong cooperation and so on. Also the great advantage is that it’s very-light-weight and almost scriptless.
Revenge of the Enemies Patches
Contains patches for other mods that works together with ROTE. Install patches after ROTE and other mods you'll use with it and place them after these mods using LOOT.

High Level Enemies
Great, well-known mod. It's still works good, but it's abandoned and its key feature - enemies level scaling is also presented in ROTE, so I recommend just use ROTE. Also you can still use its optional plugins like increased max resists and so on. These plugins are standalone and don't require HLE itself to work.

DSAMG - Dragon Soul Absorb More Glorious
This mod adds many amazing animations for absorbing dragon souls. Doing this won’t be boring anymore. Also check DSAMG - Dragonborn Patches.

WWLMG - Word Wall Learning More Glorious
Similar mod but for the world walls learning.

Awesome and immersive mod that changes the simple routine of kill-and-loot on animals. Field dressing, skinning, butchering. Many new ingredients to loot from animals.Amazing mod for hunting roleplay.
Hunterborn SkyTEST Patch

Hunting in Skyrim - A Hunting Guild
Amazing mod for hunting roleplay. It adds hunters guild, several quests, new perks, abilities to trap animals, increased skins/pelts prices and some more features. Also it’s fully compatible with Hunterborn.

ABT - Arrows and Bolts Tweaks
Faster arrows, ability to turn on progressive/increased damage for arrows, increase/decrease amount of arrows found in enemies and sold by merchants.

Nock to Tip
Awesome archery overhaul. Spinning arrows, realistic penetration, new workbench for bows crafting, perk and animation improvements. If you use perk mod overhaul, place it AFTER this mod and you’ll be fine.
Nock to Tip Compatabilty Patches
Nock to Tip - Perkus Maximus patch

Archery Gameplay Overhaul
Popular and amazing archery mod. It adds great amount of features: - dozens of animations. - enchanted arrows - new bow camera mod - arm fatigue - really, really many overall archery improvements that make archer/hunter gameplay more interesting and realistic.
Note: it requires Skyrim - Enhanced Camera or Immersive First Person View mods (see further).

Stealth Kills for Followers - Standalone
Very light-weight mod that allows your followers also be able to kill enemies silently.

VioLens - A Killmove Mod
Amazing mod that gives you full control of killmoves. Chance, immunity, camera view, new advanced killmoves and so on. This works for melee, ranged and stealth killmoves. Great working and must-have mod.

Heart Breaker - A Killmove Mod
If you want even much more brutality - try this one. Еear the heart out of enemy chest? No problems! 

Useful Dogs
Very useful mod that allows your dog to search and bring you keys, weapons, potions, ammo and so on.

Cutting Room Floor
This mod restores a lot of  content that was created but never implemented in the original game - quests, NPCs, building and other different little things. Also check patches:
Cutting Room Floor - Lighting Overhaul
Cutting Room Floor - No Snow Under the Roof

Run For Your Lives
A small mod that makes citizens in a village or city run indoors during a dragon attack. Combatant NPCs will not run.

When Vampires Attack
Similar mod but for the vampire attacks.

Mod that allows you to stand up faster after ragdoll effects. It’s absolutely must-have if you’re using mods that give knockback/ragdoll effects to enemies attacks (like DCO, SkyTest etc).

Jaxonz Lights Please
Simple but great mod that allows you to cast light spell instantly using a hotkey.

Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
The biggest and greatest spells mod in history. While adding 155 new spells it’s still really well balanced and immersive. Absolutely any player will find something useful here - just for damage or for the immersive roleplay. It’s also very compatible with other magic/perk mods. You may use or not use another mods with it but  you just must use this one :)
More Apocalypse - An expansion for Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
Additional spell package for Apocalypse. It may contain unbalanced spells so it’s up to you - use it or not.

Forgotten Magic Redone
Mod add 39 new spells. Key feature is it allos adds 10 improvements for each of them, so 390 improvements in total.

Spectraverse - Magic of the Magna-Ge
Mod adds interesting questline during which you can obtain 42 new destruction spells. Questline is based on TES lore, it has 5 voiced NPCs, 6 locations and 6 quests.

Dwemertech - Magic of the Dwarves
Similar to previous mod, but this one is related with dwemer lore. - 42 new Alteration, Destruction and Restoration spells. - 14 bionic upgrades - Interesting queslite with voiced NPCs.

Wrath of Nature - The Path of the Druid
Immersive mod that adds series of trials. After finishing each of trials you can obtain a new druid form - frost, fire, eatch or nature. Each one has different unique abilities. Awesome mod for druid roleplay. Also check this typo patch.

Wrath of Nature - The Champion of Kynareth
Sequel of the previous mod with additional questline and 4 new transformation forms. If you liked ‘Path of Druid’ - try it for sure.

Coldharbour Resummoned
This mod that allows yo uto obtain new ‘cold’ spells, custom armors and of course to summon new types of draemoras. Great mod for Conjuration mage playthrough.

Shadow Spell Package
This mod adds "shadow" themed destruction/illusion spells and perks to Skyrim. These spells are based around drains, damage-over-time and debuff effects. Great mod for ‘dark’ mage playthrough. Compatibility patches for almost all known perks/spells mods are at mod page in files section.

Dawnguard Arsenal
Amazing mod for all who like Dawnguard and paladin/vampire hunter playthrough style. Mod adds new armors and weapons, new sun spells and also improves existing dawnguard sun spells.

Elemental Destruction Magic
Awesome mod that adds 30 new spells related with different element. Another mod feature is that different types of enemies are weaker/stronger to different elements. This can bring additional immersion to your mage playthrough. Also check this patch for Ordinator.

Skysunder Metamagics

Awesome mod that adds unique spell mechanics and improvements. Spell chargning, magic impacts, blinks, spell sharing, improved spell explosions and a few more features.

Worlds Dawn - Enchanted loot and RPG attributes in Skyrim
Mod adds 124 armor and 48 weapons ehnchantments that are conceived to be more close to ‘old-school’ RPGs.

Wintermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim
Amazing mod from the author of Apocalypse spell package. It adds 124 new enchantments to the game, accessible through thousands of new enchanted items that are integrated seamlessly into loot lists and inventories. It also fixes many bugs related to vanilla enchantments. Amazing mod to increase your enchanting and overall game expirience.

Thunderchild - Epic Shouts and Immersion
This mod adds 29 new shouts and new abilities to improve your shouts. It also adds 24 new variants of graybeards robes, some new weapons and items and good configurable MCM menu. If you were bored with vanilla shouts variety - this mod is definitely for you.

Aurora - Standing Stones of Skyrim
Mod replaces the default standing stone effects with tactical and interesting new powers and abilities. Each standing stone comes with one passive ability and one active power. While greatly increasing standing stones effects variety, mod is still balanced and great for immersive playthrough.

Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim
Perk overhaul mod that offers more then 400 perks to improve your game expirience 
and class bulding. Mod is constantly updated - mod author improves existing and fixes bugged/opverpowered perks. To tell this is a great perk overhaul - means to tell nothing. It’s rich, brilliant and absolutely perfect for both casual roleplay. To make sure just visit mod page and read a few perks description. In addition to this it’s extremely light-weight compared to other perk overhaul mods and also greatly compatible with everything. If it’s your first try of perk overhauls - try it and you’ll enjoy it. If you’re using another similar mod - switch to Ordinator and you won’t go back. Perk overhauls are absolutely matter of taste, but this one’s quality is amazing. ‘How much did Enai Siaion pay you?’ - you may ask. I would also ask this, yes. Until I try this amazing mod. Even if you open comments section and see what people often write, you’ll see that many players switched from other perk overhauls and don’t want to go back. Of course, it’s only my personal opinion, but statistics don’t lie and one thing you definitely need to do is to try it :)
Ordinator - WAFR and CCOR patch

Path of Sorcery - Magic Perk Overhaul
Fresh, constantly updated and just awesome magic per overhaul. It affects Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchanting, Illusion, and Restoration trees. The one disadvantage is it’s incompatible with some big and well-known perk overhauls, like SkyRE/Requiem/SPERG. But as it is developed only for mage perk trees and you play as mage you can simply choose to use this mod only. Also it’s compatible with Ordinator, so you can use both of them - just load this mod after Ordinator. To choose perk overhaul it’s absolutely matter of taste - so you are free to try them all anyway :)
Path of Sorcery Assorted Patches
Path of Sorcery - Elemental Destruction Magic Patch

T3nd0's Perkus Maximus
Amazingly thought-out perk overhaul mod. It completely overhauls all perk trees and give you great gameplay expirience improvement while being very immersive. This mod disadvantage is it’s size, installation process (for novices) and it also requires really many patches to work properly if you have big mod list. Also be sure to check this awesome patcher.

Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul
Requiem is a complete overhaul  for each piece of Skyrim - combat, magic, items and much more. Its main feature is ‘de-leveled’ world, like in classic RPGs. That means if you’ll go at some area at lvl 1 you’ll have zero chances to survive. If you like this idea - this overhaul is definitely for you. The disadvantage of de-leveled world is that game is most challenging at low lvls but still became boring at high lvls. This choise is up to you :)
Additional patches/improvement mods list:
Dark Souls Style Combat for Requiem
Light-weight, but just a great mod with A LOT of improvements to Requiem combat system. Without scripts :)
Requiem 1.9.4 Patch Central
KFR - Kryptopyr's Fixes Reqtified (WAFR-CCF-Requiem)

SPERG - Skyrim Perk Enhancements and Rebalanced Gameplay
Perks overhual mod. It also modifies skill leveling speed and gives some additional sources of skill leveling. It’s still working good, but it’s abandoned from 2013. If really like it - use it, but I kindly advise to use any other perk overhauls that have support atm. Also check this patch if you use CACO.

Moonlight Tales - Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul
Awesome overhaul for werewolves. Mod adds wide skins system, playable werebears,werebeast followers, different types of transformation, and werebeast/werebeast hunters encounter events.

Bloodmoon Rising
This is great werewolf mod that overhauls werewolf perks and stats. If you like to play as werewolf you should know that werewolf became wery weak versus high lelel enemies. Mod helps with this.

Better Vampires
Mod gives a wide overhaul for vampires. Perks and skills improvements, new skills, expanded system of vampire needs, blood storage system and much more. Must-have mod for vampire players.

Asis is a must-have mod for interesting and challenging playthrough. Its main feature is increased spawns, but it also offers tonns of other features. I personally advise to use ASIS only for 3 features: perks and spells distribution to NPC and NPC potion usage. With this you can have an amazing game where all new spells/perks from mod could be used by NPCs as well as potions. It’s AI option is pretty old and i don’t recommend to use it because modern combat mods have better AI improvements. Also it’s not needed to use its increased spawn features as game can became hard as hell (imagine 5 modded dragons with new spells and AI or 50 bandits with modded perks/skills). So once again, I recommend to use ASIS with 3 features: perks, spells & potions. But of course it’s up to you :) Also, don’t forget to run ASIS patcher each time you installed mod that adds spells/perks.
ASIS Improved INI Files
Improved ASIS .ini files configured for proper use with most of popular mods. Be sure to install it - it's brilliant.

Imperious - Races of Skyrim
Awesome mod that overhauls Skyrim races abilities. Now each race has 3 passive abilities and ultimate active ability that can be unlocked through race quest. That also bring more immersion to playthrough. New races abilities are interesting and fit perfectly with each race.

Stealth Skills Rebalanced
Great mod that offers serious overhaul for stealth gameplay. Detection was reworked for more realistic stealth expirience. Fixes of vanilla stealth bugs and Stealth perk trees overhaul. It also has ‘perkless’ version for compatibility with other perk overhaul mods.

Dragon Combat Overhaul
Great mod that offers amazing overhaul for dragons. Dragon are DRAGON now - powerful, frightening monsters. AI improvements, unique skills and shouts and realistic physics. You’re fighting dragon, not a buttefly! If dragon lands close to you or makes a powerful tail/wing strike and you din’t block this - you’ll be ragdolled. Dragons also can grab other NPCs and just throw them in air and many more other immersive features. If you want to have a real challenge fighting dragons - this mod is for you!

Ultimate Dragons
Another awesome dragon mod. It adds 20 new attacks for dragons, improves their AI and offers location damage for different parts of dragon body. Also dragon can enrage at low HP, becoming much more dangerous. It’s also compatible with most of other dragon mods.

Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul
Amazing mod that completely overhauls Alchemy and Cooking. Alchemy has a great potential in Skyrim, but at the same time it was the most boring profession. And now CACO saves the day! Besides awesome overhauls mod even offers you to craft alchemical bombs as well as waxes, salves and bandages. You can also use field alchemy stuff to make potions & poisons anywhere you want. CACO also offfers basic needs and even inebriation effects. It has MCM menu and most of new features can be configured and turned off if you don’t need them.
Extra CACO Compatibility Patches
More Patches for CACO

Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade
Similar mod from the same mod author, this time for crafting expirience. It reworked all vanilla craft recipes, offers many options for mining, chopping, smelting and so on. Most of mod options can be enabled/disabled and configured via MCM menu. Also be sure to check this patch if you use

Audio Overhaul for Skyrim 2
Amazing sound overhaul mod aiming to make Skyrim's soundscape more immersive, clear, responsive, impactful, while also aiming for maximum compatibility, performance and coherency with the original game. Ambience, weapons, magic, movement, 
reverb system, sound propagation, creatures and the overall mix are key areas of change. Once you try it you most likely won’t go back to vanilla sounds anymore.

P.S. I'll add description of my combat/ai/spells mod combiantion later today. Now need to sleep :)

Combat Evolved
Light-weight, script-free and just amazing combat mod. Due to its great compatibility it just should be used alongside with other combat mods for even better combat expirience. Enemies are more agressive and smarter. Stagger, knockdown, enemy skills, and enemy damage are enhanced. But at the same time enemies are not ‘terminators’ - mod is good balanced. I strongly recommend to use it. I also advise to use modular version for more detailed installation process.

Ultimate Combat
Amazing combat mod that brings you totally new combat expirience. Enemies AI isnow better, they can cooperate, parry, dodge, counter 
your attacks as well as having unique special spells and abilities. Mod modifies many combat stats for more realistic combat. Mod also adds timed block feature, stamina cost for regular attacks, headshots for archers (can be configured in MCM menu) and some even more things. Try it for sure!

TK Combat
Awesome mod that adds possibility to use series of special moves and attacks that consumes your Magicka. It’s a great mod for pure warriors playthrough who almost don’t use Magicka. It may look not very lore-friendly to someone, but it’s up to you - use it or not.

TK HitStop
This is a great mod for combat immersion. Ever asked yourself why weapon weights nothing? Why your character doesn’t feel any physics after swinging two-handed battleaxe? Then this mod is for you. When the player hits an actor or an object, a “hit-stop” (a tiny pause) is added along with camera shake and blur effects. This makes weapon strikes feel more solid and heightens the sense that a hit has actually been made.

TK Recoil
This mod is similar to previous one, just for the bows/crossbows. When the player shot a bow or crossbow or staff, a "recoil" (a tiny pause) is added along with camera shake and blur effects. This makes weapon recoil feel more solid and heightens the sense that a hit has actually been made. Mod also comes with an MCM menu.

TK Dodge
Very popular and must-have mod if you’re running several combat mods that increase game difficulty. Mod adds dodge rolls (forward-back-left-right) using hotkeys. Mod also has an MCM menu where you can re-configure the hotkeys and dodge roll stamina cost.

Lock-On - lock on mechanism
Simple mod that gives you "lock-on" feature (like in Dark Souls and many more RPG series) to increase your combat speed and accuracy.

Weapon Parry Standalone ==NEW==
Simply attack at the same time to block an enemy's attack with your attack! That's it!

Mortal Enemies - De-aimbot Your Foes ==NEW==
Remember how NPCs can turn to your direction just in the middle of weapon swing? Forget about this!

Attack Commitment No turning during attacks
Amazing and immersive combat mod. If you're tired of NPCs auto-aiming (so it's almost impossible to dodge their attacks) and think that it's no realistic - install this mod for sure. But note that it also disables this for your character as well ;)

Vigor - Combat and Injuries
Great combat overhaul mod. It makes combat much more dangerous. Mod adds fatigue system that affects your damage depending on stamina left, wide amount of injuries that applies different debuffs on your character. Injuries can be healed with bandages and poultices that you can craft. It also improves NPCs combat AI, stagger system, offers parry/timed blocked features, NPC potion usage and many other features that increases or decreases your and NPCs damage depending on different conditions. Mod also have MCM menu where most of features can be configured and turned off/on due to your game taste. Beware - playing with this mod on top on several another combat mods, your character may need some protein :D

Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim
New combat mod from the author of Apocalypse/Ordinator. This amazing mod makes combat more realistic, dynamic and brings more lethality into your game. Mod ipmroves combat AI that makes enemies more smart, initiative and dangerous. It’s biggest and greatest (in my opinion) feature is wide injures system. It’s really realistic and simple at the same time. It also modifies global difficulty levels in Skyrim and gives you possibility to configure these values in MCM menu. It also offers timed block feature as well as many other combat modifiers. It’s also pretty good compatible with all combat/magic/ perk overhaul mods and mod author also inlcuded detailed load order description list for this/that mod. Wildcat is pretty much similar to Vigor so basically you’ll need to choose between them, but of course with some efforts and a few time of customizing their MCM menus you can use them both. I personally prefer Wildcat as it’s more intuitive for me, but it’s up to you of course :)

Please remember: big amount of population mods may overload your game and cause instability and FPS drops. To avoid this - install population mods one by one and check your situation ingame.

Immersive Patrols
One of the most popular mods at Nexus. And it absolutely deserved this. Mod adds really immersive patrols of almost every major faction across 
all DLCs, including Stormcloaks, Thalmor, Imperials, Dawnguard, Travelers, Merchants, Bandits, Skaal, Redoran, Reavers and Rieklings. You will see small and bigger faction battles and even for sieges in absolutely each region of Skyrim! It’s also don’t use scripts - so you can install and uninstall it anytime without any worries and it’s pretty good compatible with almost everything. Note: there’s only 1 issue that can possibly happen when using this mod alongside with OBIS - some players reported that any faction can become agressive to the player. That can harm your playthrough so if you want not to worry for sure - make different saves from time to time or choose only one from this amazing mods.

WARZONES 2015 - Civil Unrest
Great mod which does exactly what how it named. Mod adds ifferent, small and big - battles, ambushes, encounters and skirmishes throughout whole Skyrim. There are hundreds of dynamic spots now where you can see massive battles between different factions and, of course, take some action. Old version of the mod were unstable and caused crashes. Current version was improved a lot and now it’s stable. Also it now has MCM menu. Also check this
additional plugin
for eve more epic expirience.

DFB - Random Encounters - MCM
Great and stable encounters mod with good configurable MCM menu.

Northern Encounters
Awesome encounter mod that also adds lore-based storylines alongside with the new encounters.

Ultimate Deadly Encounters - The Way of the Dovahkiin aka Sands of Time
Huge and great mod. It offers really wide amount of features - from increased spawns to sleeping encounters and tough world bosses. It also has MCM menu and each feature of the mod can be easily configured depending on your playthrough style. It’s disadvantages its size and some bug/crashes reports from players, so if you like it - use it carefully and better test it with your final mods setup a few time before starting a playthrough. Also check these pathces if you will use it.

Another mod from Sands of Time team. Its key feature is its spawns are absolutely dynamic - that brings imemrsion and surprise element to your game. From the other had, there are several bugs reports about situations when such spawns harmed some quests due to sudden enemies spawns. Read mod page carefully before use it, but I personally prefer stability over some new spawns.
Genesis - Skyrim Immersive Creatures Patch
Genesis - Forgotten Dungeons Patch
Genesis - Skyrim Underground Patch

Populated Lands Roads Paths Reborn
Great and immersive mod that adds Adventurers, Merchants with Body Guards, Refugees, Pilgrims, Assassins to the roads of Skyrim.
Populated Cities Towns Villages Reborn
Similar mod that adds many new citizens to Skyrim towns and cities to make them more alive.
Populated Dungeons Caves Ruins Reborn
Similar mod that add many additional creatures in Skyrim dungeons.
Populated Forts Towers Places Reborn
Same features for forts, towers and different camps.
Populated Imperials Stormcloaks Battles
Mod adds 4 armies for Stormcloaks and Imperials that are patrolling Skyrim regions. When these armies met the great battle occurs. These armies also can siege bandits forts.
Populated Skyrim Civil War Reborn
This mod is much similar to previous one - it adds big Stormcloak/Imperial armies that can meet and fight. It also adds several patrols near Skyrim hold borders.
Populated Skyrim Prisons Cells Reborn
Mod adds many new prisoners to Skyrim prison cells for more immersive prison atmosphere.

P.S. there similar mods from SOT team, they are also great, but I personally advise ot use this "Populated" series because for more or less same amount of features these mods are more ligh-weight and mostly totally scriptless.

Magic Duel - Reborn
This mod allows you to engage magic duels with your enemies. If you want some more epicness for your mage playthrough -  try it for sure. You can duel both NPCs and dragons. For dragon magic duel becomes shout duel and that’s pretty immersive. Mod also contains configurable MCM menu.

Mixed Unit Tactics - Dawnguard Edition - Skyrim meets RTS
This mod brings some strategy feature to Skyrim. You can create different squads of followers, give them wide amount of orders, use a shout as a signal for action, pay salary, order to make stealthy operations, write order on paper. Followers also can even steal horses to ride.

Awesome mod inspired by Assassins Creed. You can hide in different ontainers and then perform stealthy actions to nearby objects or NPCs.

Better Stealing
Simple but immersive mod. If you steal something and nobody sees you do it then the item will not be "stolen".

Sneak Tools
Popular mod for stealthy characters. It add many awesome features. New stealth kills actions. (knockouts, sleeping targets kills and so on), identity-concealing masks, extinguishable and relightable fires. Also you can craft new unique arrows - fire, water, noise and even rope arrows to climb any kind of buldings. It’s disadvantage is compatibility issues with really many other mods often even not related with stealth. So if you;re going to play stealthy character and want to use this mod, do this carefully and test it with your final mod setup.

Realistic AI Detection
Absolutely msut-have mod - lightweight, compatible with everything and great in overall.

Dragonborn Ascendant
Awesome and criminally underrated mod. It’s main feature is boost to shouts cooldown per dragon killed (3% per 5 dragons, capped at 30%) Mod also overhauls many shouts values and scales battle shouts damage each 10 levels.

Tavern Games - Mini Games in Skyrim
Immersive mod inspired by Witcher series that adds several mini-games.

Trade Routes
Ever wanted to play as a traveling merchant, buying goods cheap where they're plentiful and selling them where they're rare for a modest profit? Than this mod is definitely for you :) Mod adds different trade aspect like regional prices, speech scaling, trade supplies, quests affeting on prices here and there and few more.

Amazing mod that allows you to invest in different business in Skyrim to receive long-term profit. You can also hire employees to increase you income and mercenaries to defend you business from bandits (if you are too cool to do this yourself).

Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life
Immersive mod that allows you to pay money when you’re defeated or you’ll be killed. That brings another roleplay feature to your gameplay. It also offers much more features for even more RP game as well as  MCM menu to configure them.

Trade and Barter
Light-weight but great trade mod that offers prices dependency from your faction status, NPC relationship with you, race, region and speech etiquette as well as some other cool feaetures.

Art of the Catch
Immersive mod that  offers fishing system in Skkyrim. Simple and awesome!

Skyrim Romance
3000 lines of dialogues, 100 voiced characters with 17 unique voices, dozens of romantic events for only one purpose - to build your own amazing love story. P.S. this mod is oriented for female players, but if you’re  a guy playing female character and don’t mind of male hero of this mod - try it :)

Quick Loot
Awesome UI mod that improves loot system and makes it more comfortable.


Campfire - Complete Camping System
Definitive. Immersive. Amazing. Qualitative. That’s what Chesko’s work means. Amazing mod that adds camping system to Skyrim. 
Search or buy resources, improve your camping skills ( with a help of new custom perk trees), and make a camp with a warm fire to rest in any place of Skyrim. Also check this additional patch for Hunterborn.

Tentapalooza for Campfire
Great mod that adds many beautiful items compatible with Campfire and Frostfall: bedrolls, different tents great for rolepay, storages, follower tents, pet beds and shrines.

Skyrim Sleeping Bags - Sleep Under Blankets
Another similar mod. It adds different types of bedrolls for you and your followers. You can sleep, lie down, sit and even meditate on them.

Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival
Realistic survival expirience? Best immersion mod even created? Think no more. Look at Frostfall. Absolutely amazing survival expirience. Cold water, frosty winds, snow, low temperatures - everyting these now affect your health condition. Frostfall uses a sophisticated system to track your location, weather, time of day, worn clothing, and more, to determine your current condition, in a seamless and immersive way. Combined with Campfire, it also features a large variety of craftable camping equipment, including craftable torches. It is highly customizable, and very compatible with most other mods, including Real Shelter, Climates of Tamriel, Wet and Cold, worn cloaks, food, timescale, lighting, werewolf, and vampire mods.
Personal note: If you never played any kind of survival games or just hardcore RPGs like Dark Souls - this mod can be really hard for you as it’s really realistic and most likely stared a new playthrough with its default settings you’ll die from cold more often then from 
enemies. But it’s not a reason not to use it if you like its idea in overall. Its MCM menu is really greatly customizable so you can decrease all negative effects power and increase your items/clothes values to play more simple.

iNeed - Food Water and Sleep
Awesome and light-weightbasic needs mod. It adds hunger/thirst/sleep system so finally food and drinks become valuable in your playthrough. It also offers intuitive system of widgets to inform you about current needs status. It’s very high-compatible with most popular mods and greatly customizable in MCM menu. It’s more immersive and have better design (Ninth bless widgets!) than Realistic Needs and Diseases in my opinion and also has much better compatibility with other mods, but if you like RnD more - install it instead. My only advice is to read mod description at original mod page (it’s abandoned from 2013) and download more fresh, 2016 year version of it.
Some additional patches:
CACO - iNeed patch (choose second CACO file from Files section)
Its JUST Food - For iNeed

Realistic Needs and Diseases All-In-One for USLEEP (2016 edition)
Another great basic needs mod. Choose this one or INEED.

Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One
Simple and immersive mod that add lanterns to main roads, villages, towns and settlements. The light sources of the lanterns are lit from 7pm to 7am. Once instlaled I just can’t play without it anymore. It’s especially good for people who play with weather/lighting mods/ENBs that have dark nights.
Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One Compatibility Patches
Lanterns Of Skyrim ELFX patch
Skyrim Bridges Patch

Wet and Cold
Amazingly immersive mod. It adds touch of realism to your game. Drips, soggy feet, breaths, rain blind, snow accumulation on clothes, speed reduction during blizzard and so on. But it’s also pretty script-heavy so if you already runnin heavy-modded game think carefully before using it.

Mod from the same author that brings holidays to Skyrim settlements and will change their appearance based on TES lore.

Real Shelter - Full Release
Ever asked yourself why rain and snow goes straight through roof and tents? Think no more, install Real Shelter. Its feature is exact and simple - when a player goes under shelter, rain and snow will stop ghosting through solid objects.
Real Shelter v1.4.0.7 USLEEP Patch
Real Shelter Patches

Skyrim - Enhanced Camera
It’ a SKSE plugin that enables a visible body while maintaining the look and feel of vanilla first person and requires minimal configuration. Choose this one or "Imemrsive First Person View".

Left Hand Rings Modified
Simple as it. Makes it possible to wear rings on left hand :)

Immersive First Person View
Unique and immersive mod that allows you to see exactly what your character sees.

Wearable Lanterns
Another great immersion mod from Frostfall author. May the light be always with you!

Animated Dwemer Lift Load Doors
This mod adds a brief animation to the Dwemer Lift Load Doors found all over Skyrim.

Guard Dialogue Overhaul
Tired of guards intellect limited in 5 phrases? Want more respect and realism? Try GDO! Mod adds dozens of new dialogues. Guards will enhance your experience of the game and increase your immersion in the world of Skyrim by properly recognising your actions and not making disrespectful comments to a character that they are supposed to respect.

Follower Commentary Overhaul - FCO
Prety similar mod, but this time for followers.  Followers will be much less boring, have fozens of new dialogues and will also react on situations around you.

Perseids Inns and Taverns - Realistic Room Rental Enhanced
Ever wonder why in Skyrim all hotel rooms cost the same? For 10gp you can't even buy a cheese wedge, but you can get a luxury suite in the Winking Skeever. This mod makes rental more realistic.
Moonpath to Elsweyr - Realistic Room Rental Enhanced Patch
Realistic Room Rental Enhanced and No Snow Under the Roof Compatibility Patch
Functional Homes and Realistic Room Rental Enhanced Patch

Simply Knock
Simple but very immersive mod that will add an option to knock before trying
enter the house or to lockpick the door.

Khajiit Speak
Simple but absolutely must-have mod for any Khajiit roleplayer. The most obvious change is that Khajiit often refer to themselves in the third person, saying their name, or calling themselves "Khajiit" or "This one" instead of using "I". But this mod also offer much more Khajiit dialogue improvements.||

Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul
Awesome mod that offers great improvement to friendly NPCs of Skyrim giving them much smarter behavior and survival instincts.

Dead Body Collision Fix
All dead bodies are now solid and can collide with yourself and other NPCs - no more walking straight through corpses.

Equipping Overhaul
Equipping Overhaul is a complete overhaul on Skyrim's system of swapping, equipping, and dropping items. Complete with a MCM menu, all features can be reconfigured (or even disabled) to your liking. The mod can be broken down into four major eatures: Dual Sheaths, Geared Up, Realistic Unequip, and Lit Torches. Long story short - yes, you can now see both greatsword and bow equipped :)

Pumping Iron - Dynamic Muscle Growth
This mod was not updated for a very long time, but it’s still working great. It adds dynamic muscle growth system. Every time your character gets a skill increase in a combat skill (or smithing) his muscles will be considered to have been trained a little. The more skill increases, the more training. When a 'trained' character sleeps, his muscles will grow ever so slightly.

Immersive Wenches
The main focus of this mod is to add wenches to work in every inn/tavern in skyrim with their own daily routine. Also travelling wenches to meet while you travel around skyrim, some vampires and other NPCs. Mod can add from 89 up to 126 new NPCs.

Religion - Prayer Meditation Worship
Mod name exactly and shortly describes what it does. As for me, it’s amazing immersion mod. It add real religion to Skyrim. The player can now fully role play a priest, crusader, or demon worshipper, by praying to your preferred Divine or Daedra, and acting in their name. Character will receive bonuses or curses depending on relashionships with current Divine/Daedra. If you don’t want to rely on some other being you can also meditate to receive buff for Warrior/Mage/Stealth skills.

Real Names
Mod adds names to most of generic NPCs of Skyrim.

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO
Mod adds more then 5000 voiced lines of dialogues. All lines are voiced using the original voices from the game and consist of existing lines that have been added in new and suitable situations, as well as completely new dialogue created by editing multiple lines together to form brand new ones. Friends talk to you more like friends. Followers have more much to say when speaking to them. If your spouse is a follower, he/she will talk to like a spouse instead of a generic follower. NPCs who dislike you (not bandits and forsworn, but citizens of towns and cities) will have more insults to say and may even completely stop talking to you if you continue to pester them.

Imperial Stone-The Forts of Skyrim Redone
The forts of Skyrim look as though they have been abandoned for 400 years. This mod aims to change that up a little. New structures and walls have been built in the major forts of Skyrim. Some walls are still wooden palisades until a civil war faction takes over from the bandits. The walls and decorations will dynamically change depending on which faction currently has ownership of the fort. Shrines to Talos dominate Stormcloak forts while shrines to Akatosh take up the mantle in Imperial held forts.

Skyrim Wayshrines - Immersive Fast Travel - SWIFT
Mod adds a network of wayshrines across the world of Skyrim, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn that allows players to instantly travel from one wayshrine to another in a more lore-friendly way. The mod is balanced by forcing players to have to locate a wayshrine before they can gain access to its location for teleportation. The locations of the wayshrines are also not too close to major locations but close enough to maintain convenience, especially for no fast travel playthroughs, as well as compatibility. This also encourages the player to be more adventurous in their explorations.

‘Explore Skyrim all over again’ An immersive world overhaul mod adding many new features throughout the world of Skyrim. Mod features: About 250 generic NPCs. More ruins, camps, mills, markets, graveyards and so on. Enemy encounters, hanged people from Thalmor persecution, new factions and much more.

Loot and Degradation
Great immersion mod that basically offers 2 main features: - enemies now can use enchanted weapons. - weapons and armors will now eventually degrade because of combat. You can repair and temper  your weapon/armor Mod also provides useful widgets to display your current armor/weapon status.

Take Notes - Journal of the Dragonborn
Ever wanted to write your own diary during playthrough for evenmych more immersion? Try this awesome mod :)

Bathing in Skyrim
Bathing in Skyrim adds bathing and cleanliness to Skyrim. Over time, your character will 
become visually more filthy and you will receive a penalty to your Speechcraft and disease resistance. If you become exceptionally filthy, you will also receive a penalty to Sneak as enemies smell you coming. To avoid these penalties, you will need to bathe yourself regularly. Staying clean also awards small bonuses depending on what type of soap you use. All mod values can be configured via MCM menu.

Hold Border Banners
This mod adds banners along roadsides at the boundaries of two holds. The banner you see will show you which hold you are entering. If you're not sure what the banner represents, just walk up to it and it will show the name of the hold.

Immersive hold borders
This mod adds towers and guards to the major roads at the edge of a holds boundary.

Unique Border Gates
Compatible with previous mod, this one is overhauling vanilla border gates.

Public Executions
Adds public executions to Solitude after the initial vanilla execution event and the option to capture bandits for executions.

Point The Way
Simple, but greatly immersive one. Road signs have been placed at several major intersections that were either lacking signs, or didn't have enough signs to indicate the full extent of where you could travel on a road.

Face to face conversation
Automatically switch to first person when talking. You can also switch back and forth between first person and third person.

Traps Make Noise - More Dangerous Traps
Enemy NPCs will now pay attention when trap is triggered near them. Also, as you can remember, vanilla traps damage was barely noticable. this mod fixes this and makes traps much more dangerous.

Ovens and Churns of Skyrim
This mod places ovens and churns added by the Hearthfire DLC throughout Skyrim. Main cities, settlements, and player houses are covered. Great mod if you're running needs mods.

Drinking Fountains of Skyrim
Simple but very immersive mod. It does actually how it named :) Also check this patch for Dragonborn support.

No More Glowing Edges Mod
If you are tired to see glowing visual each time you cast a spell on yourself - this mod is definitely for you.

Torch Craft
This mod offers a really esome variety of torches to craft. Great addition for your survival mod list.

Improved Adoptions
Ever was bored with vanilla adoption system? Try this!. It contains over a dozen dialogue scenes between the kids and others between your spouse and housecarl Your kids will hang out with other kids when they're in town, and join them in running around town. They'll actually visit the places they say they do. If you've been missing for 3 or more days they'll send the Courier packing with a message for you. You can ask your kids and spouse to accompany you to your new home and have them follow you there!

Blowing in the Wind ==NEW==
Just an amazing and must-have mod! Mod adds proper physics to lanterns and signs when it's a windy/storm weather. It also has compatibility with most of town overhauls and other immersion mods.

These patches/fixes are absolutely not obligatory, but very useful. It's totally up to you - install them or not.

Sharlikrans Compatibility Patches
Wide list of compatibility patches for different mods.

Wolf Queen Awakened and Letter From Falk Firebeard - Fixed ==NEW==
SImply AMAZING mod that fixes terrible bug with "Wolf Queen Awakened" quest (when it does not starts at all).

Better Harvesting ==NEW==
Absolutely script-free, amazing and must-have mod! Use it as upgraded and up-to-date version of Harvest Overhaul.

Modern Brawl Bug Fix
Replacement for obsolete "Brawl Bug Fix" mod.

This mod allwos you to customize almost any ingame value. Very useful when you're running big list of gameplay mods and need to configure them to work properly and balanced.

Skyrim -Community- Uncapper
Awesome SKSE plugin that offers you possibility to modify your basic stats/perks values. You can configure how much Stamina/Magicka/Health/Perk points your character will receive at each level, how much carry weight your Stamina gives you or even enable carry weight bonus from Health or Magicka and so on. Basic example of this plugin usage is Ordinator - 1 perk per level is a very low amount knowing this mod perks quantity. And here where Uncapper saves the day.

Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice
This mod helps with basic voicing for added NPCs that are not voiced by default.

Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade
Fixes and tweaks for all vanilla armors and weapons.

Wiseman303's Flora Fixes
Different flora & harvesting fixes.

Wiseman303's Critter Fixes
Fixes for critters.

Wiseman303's Trap Fixes
Fixes for  traps.

Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim
Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
Imperious - Races of Skyrim
Aurora - Standing Stones of Skyrim
Wintermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim
- Bandit patrol updated for USLEEP
Skyrim Immersive Creatures (do NOT install ROTE patch from it's installer)
SkyTest - Realistic Animals and Predators
Ultimate Combat
TK Dodge
Combat Evolved (with enemies increased Poison and Magic damage)
Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim
Deadly Dragons
Dragon Combat Overhaul (temporary hidden)
Revenge of the Enemies 2016
ASIS + ASIS Improved Ini Files (ONLY perks/spells/potions/ehcnant fix options are used)
Populated Forts Towers Places Reborn
Populated Lands Roads Paths Reborn
Populated Dungeons Caves Ruins Reborn
DFB - Random Encounters with MCM
Traps Make Noise - More Dangerous Traps
+ patches for all mods needed from HERE and HERE

Some of these should be loaded in strict order. Here's the list. For the rest of mods you can trust LOOT sorting.
Skyrim Immersive Creatures
Revenge of the Enemies
Combat Evolved
Ultimate Combat

ALSO! You should disable the same features in different mods in MCM and leave only one you like the most. For example, both of Ultimate Combat and Wildcat have Timed Block feature. Choose only one. And so on :)


WOW! We finished this. For now ;)
Modding Skyrim will be never enough. I want to say so much thanks to every modder who made nextgen Skyrim possible and also want to ask you guys don't forget to endorse their work after you downloaded it :) Wish you challenging, immersive and stable game and may the Ninth bless you!