About this mod

A mod that fixes 99.9% of bugs related to clipping, floating game assets, texture blending problems, static animation bugs etc... This is the complete version of my previous mod and it covers both the interior and exterior cells in Riverwood.

Permissions and credits
There's nothing of value to read here. EXCEPT that you need USLEEP and the official DLCs in order for this to work... OH & either start a new game or clean/restart the cells with whatever mods that do that. No donations required. But please show support by Endorsing this file if you like it. And remember that, just like on facebook, every like saves a life. 

PS: This does not include the interior cell screenshots ( SCREENSHOTS, you do not need y other mod with this one, as it cover both interior and
exterior cells ), for that you'll have to go to:
And this also does not include all the things I fixed, some were very minor, some I forgot
about because I hadn't slept, and some I didn't bother with because I
don't want to reach 500 screenshots and waste 3 days editing them (it's
the worst part of making these mods really, everything else is just
steady fast progress).

I am not responsible for any type of injury, during or after the use of this mod, and as such I shield myself from the eventual third world war that using it will likely cause. You've been warned. Also, Nexus needs to add an option to clean the mod views, it's at 23 right now and I've not even published it yet.

DDVIL. Zero rights reserved.