About this mod

11 inn is very convenient and unique to change.
Add a unique bath and shower room in the inn.
Of course you can wash the body in a Bathing in Skyrim and the like.

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Latest information

New game is not required version. Uploaded as another MOD.

[Improvement Inn Zwei]

Reduce the number of light sources. Fixed flicker when using torch.
Add hunters and farmers to each inn. Selling food and spices.
Add beams to the ceiling of the first floor.
Fixed the orientation of the entrance flag.
Add marker.
Other minor changes.


About Improvement Inn

Make changes to the interior of the inn, and then add the bath.

But,It does not make any changes to the inn of the big city, such as the Bannered Mare and Winking Skeever.
Wonderful MOD to each because already exists.
Change the following inn.
01: Morthal Moorside
02: Kynesgrove Braidwood
03: Winterhold TheFrozenHearth
04: Dawnstar Windpeak
05: Nightgate
06: DragonBridge FourShields
07: Rorikstead Frostfruit
08: Riverwood SleepingGiant
09: OldHroldan
10: Falkreath DeadMansDrink
11: Ivarstead Vilemyr

 The main interior changes

 Add the cooking pot and oven in the vicinity of the host.
(As a result, the host will do the cooking and frequent use of the cooking pot.)

 Add the loft. It is used as a guest room or other room.

 Add the basement. Mainly used as a bed of placement and warehouse for the employee.

 Change the placement of chairs and tables.
(As a result, there is no thing to eat towards the wall.)

 The town without a general store to add the hawkers.
 The town without a warlock to add a warlock of wandering.


It recommended the introduction of a New game.
If the new game is not possible, here [Improvement Inn Zwei]


New game unnecessary. Overwrite of Esp file.




The MOD to change the interior of the inn to compete.
It does not conflict with the MOD to change only the appearance of the city.
Because it does not change the NPC, there is MOD compatible to change the NPC.
Add the optional files that corresponds to the Moonpath to Elsweyr and Shezrie's Old Hroldan.