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Enables the Fast Travel System for Enderal

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Enderal Fast Travel EV

Enables the Fast Travel System for Enderal

This mod is for those players who prefer in Enderal the fast travel system from Skyrim.

Warning: You can damage quests if you use the Fast Travel in quest situations where you should not leave the scene (teleport scrolls are not working in these scenes). So please use the Fast Travel carefully and always outside of active story scenes!

Known problem: If you have other mods installed for Enderal the fast travel might not work.
Solution: Move the "Enderal Fast Travel EV.esp" in the Enderal Launcher to the bottom so that it will be loaded last.

Please don't discuss the pros and cons of the fast travel system here, this mod is explicitly made for the users who prefer fast travel.


I no longer play Skyrim and Enderal and have not installed them at the moment, I wait for the DLC to be released. So I
cannot help you with actual problems or provide patches for the time being.

Feel free to create patches on your own and release them here on the Nexus. The Fast Travel mod is really simple and of course I
don't claim copyright for it.