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Billyro and Darkrogue21

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A fancy sword I made for Darkrogue21's upcoming quest mod.

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Legerity - Morgynn Ashcroft's Sword

By Billyro and Darkrogue21

(Thanks Sinitar Gaming and Slytra for the videos!)


Legerity is a fancy sword I designed for Darkrogue21's upcoming quest/companion mod. The sword belongs to Morgynn Ashcroft, who is the younger sister of Marcelon Ashcroft - a vampire follower you will have in her mod. 

As the mod project is in its early stages, we agreed to release the sword early so that people can mess around with it in the meantime. 

The sword can be found inside Mara's Eye Pond!

Polycount: 2633
Diffuse map: 3K (8192x1024)
Normal map: lossless 1.5K (4096x512)
Environment map: 1.5K (4096x512)


This mod should be compatible with everything.


Copy the contents of the archive to your Skyrim\Data folder. Activate the .esp in the Skyrim launcher. That's it! Alternatively, you can download with NMM and activate it through that.


Please don't redistribute this mod. Please ask either me or Darkrogue21 for permission if you'd like to use it in your own mod.


Russian translation by Korifey


v1.1: Remade the normal map using Knald for higher quality
v1: Initial release


Humus, for his cubemap bases. 

3DS Max 2016, NifSkope, Paint.NET, Photoshop, CrazyBump (for version 1) and Knald (for version 1.1) - the tools I used to make this mod.