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The civil war has begun, and it's not a pretty sight ! Adds battlefields through Skyrim.

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This is an immersion mod which adds several massive battlefields through Skyrim. We are supposed to be in the middle of a civil war, aren't we ? It's sometimes hard to be sure in the vanilla game. With this mod, be assured you won't forget.


Skyrim.esm and Update.esm. Yep, that's it. I also recommend to put it last in your load order, just before DynDOLOD if you use it (and you should).


Massive battlefields are now to be found in the old kingdom. It's foremost an aesthetic mod, which means its purpose is to add to the feel that Skyrim is currently in the middle of a civil war. You will be able to see the aftermath of huge battles which occured in the province not so long ago. Nothing is explained on how the battles unfolded but, if you pay attention to the details, you will be able to deduce how some of the fights ended. A lot of attention has been given to details, little things that bring "life" (maybe not the best choice of word here) to those battlefields. Also there is no music in these areas, which in my opinion adds a lot to the atmosphere.

Here is where you can find the first battlefield :


List of the battles :

  • Battle of the Pale
  • Ambush in the Valley
  • Battle of the Sea of Ghosts

What is to come ?

Nothing for Oldrim, but the Special Edition Version of this mod will have new battlefields.

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And don't forget to check the Beyond Skyrim project, those guys are doing wonderful work and deserve our support !


Thanks to 3AMt for his tree models !

Thanks to standalone09 who allowed me to use the sword Lanfael in my mod !

Thanks to TheNerevar who allowed me to use his Flamberge model !

Thanks to Oaristys for his Modder's Resource Pack !

Thanks to ArwingXL for his Witcher 2 Armor Collection !
(Full credits for this armor collection :
TH3WICK3D1, lord0fwar - conversion
StudioCD Projekt RED - creator of armors/textures
redxavier - helmets pack
Afro - assembler of collection, updater of esp forms to post-final-update skyrim, builder of proper recipes, fixer of typos, manager of prices)

Thanks to opusGlass for his Swamp Dragon model ! (part of the Diverse Dragon Collection 2.0)

Thanks to billyro who allowed me to use his Legerity model !

Thanks to markusliberty for his Cyrodiil Ship and boat resource !


Version 1.41 : Cleaned with TES5Edit to resolve some navmesh and quest related issues.

Version 1.4 : Added the Battle of the Sea of Ghosts as well as a new dragon, a unique armor set and a unique sword.

Version 1.31 : Reduced the amount of arrows in the "Ambush in the Valley". Also the arrows should now stand still until touched.

Version 1.3 : Added a new battle ("Ambush in the Valley") and an enchanted Flamberge.

Version 1.2 : Added Lanfael and the "Dead Warrior" to the battle of the Pale.

Version 1.1 : Added more details to the Battle of the Pale, this one can be considered finished at this point (enemies and unique loot will be added later). I also fixed some bugs (floating snow, swords, arrows) and added more birds.